Faith Workshop – Trewirgie Junior School

Hello. My name is Patrick Richardson in year ten at Penrice Academy. I am currently working with the Cornwall Faith Forum for my work experience week. I am the first student they have ever had on work experience and this is my blog of the entire week. Yesterday on day one of the week, (Monday 18th July 2016) four members of the CFF as well as myself went to Trewirgie Junior School in Redruth. This was to teach the year five students about a theme of peace, morality and humanity that intertwines all faiths and none.

The four workshops included : a Celtic Pagan workshop, an Islamic workshop, a Jewish workshop and a Quaker workshop. The students all had a great time and heavily enjoyed the different workshops. All four involved lots of group work and funs things to do. The students were all engaged greatly due to the activities involving Pagan artifacts and magic, relating to Jewish celebrations and speaking some Hebrew, talking about media and the past with the Quakers and wearing traditional Islamic clothing. All of these allowed the students to gain a deeper knowledge about peace as a human race no matter what religion or if none at all.