Brickmaking Sessions

We want to encourage as many individuals, schools, colleges, businesses to come make cob brick with us for the Dor Kemmyn building. No special qualifications are required; any age can contribute. We have had children the age of 4 to older people aged 80+ participating. All is required is enthusiasm and a sense of humour. Have a look at the two videos on our website to see what is involved:

So you will now see that we are literally making bricks for the internal wall of the Dor Kemmyn building. We need to make about 4,000 bricks! We are fairly flexible with the dates and times of brick making sessions.  Usually schools will book brick making during the week, but we can make bricks with individual groups and organisations in the week if required, as well as on Saturdays and Sundays. The brick making sessions are held  at the Dor Kemmyn Field, at Penmount, Truro.  You will need to wear old clothes and bring a drink with you.  There is a charge to take part which all helps towards making the building a reality please see the prices below.  Grants are available if it is difficult for a group or individual to pay.  Do ask us about these.

If you would like to book onto one of the following sessions please contact Rita 07775 937485 or Philomena 07811 853639 or email

Wednesday, 8th June at 2.00 pmBooked by St Austell College
Thursday, 9th June at 2.00 pmBooked by St Austell College