DK Brickmaking

The interior shell of the prayer space will be built from 8”x8” cob blocks made by hand at the Penmount site over the Summer of 2015 and 2016. The building needs 4,000 bricks for the inner surface, arranged herringbone fashion in a clay mortar . On Sunday and Monday afternoon’s at Penmount, Truro we are looking for volunteers to join our team of professional earth builders to make these bricks , in batches of 180 per day. Brick making is fun! We are hoping to get schools, groups and businesses (for team building) involved. Have a look at this video to see what is involved:

To come along please contact Matt Robinson, the Architect, via email or tel 01326 221130 to arrange a time. Ideally we are looking for groups of 6 at a time, but individuals are also very welcome. Volunteers are encouraged to join the Cornwall Faith Forum (which is free to join).

Building in clay is a remarkable experience – connecting us with our ancestors. Clay is the most common building material in the world, and all houses built before 1850 in Cornwall used clay as either the mortar between stones or as entire walls (cob walls) . Clay is also the most effective material at regulating humidity in buildings : it creates a special atmosphere in buildings, and this will be true of the Dor Kemmyn prayer space.

There is something profound about moulding clay with your hands – the discovery of making pottery 9000 years ago is thought to have occurred simultaneously with the manipulation of mental three dimensional objects in the mind. (see “History of the World in 100 objects, Prof. Mcgregor, British Museum).

This project has been supported by :
Councillors x, y x z, Community Building Fund
Cornwall Sustainable Building Trust
Faith in Action
Matt Robinson Architecture

Kind thanks to BBC Spotlight for allowing us to use their video.