National Day of Prayer for the Police – 14th May

There is to be a National Day of Prayer for the Police on 14th May and there will be an opportunity to say prayers in Truro and Exeter Cathedrals.  For more information please view poster D&C National day of prayer poster 2015 or contact Sarah Jeffery

Our first cob bricks and future brick making dates

Today, 22nd March, will see the second Sunday afternoon of brick making. Last week we made our first 20 bricks which we are absolutely delighted with. These bricks will form the inside walls of the Dor Kemmyn building, so we are actually collectively together making some of the Interfaith Centre ourselves.

Our polytunnel is now up in place in which we make the bricks. The process starts with initially sieving the soil of the land taking out the large stones leaving behind the soil and small stones. This is done over a wheelbarrow.

From there Matt (the DK architect) placed two large pieces of ply wood on the ground inside the poly tunnel which he called the dancing floor! (you will see in the minute why this is). On top the plywood we placed a large plastic sheet and on top of that we poured out the sieved soil and stones.

Next comes the water which we poured in the centre of the soil – much like making cement. Now the interesting bit, handfuls of damp straw are liberally thrown over the soil and water. The straw now needs to be bedded into the rest of the mixture and dancing floor now takes shape as wellie power is required. Two to three people then stamp in the straw and mix up with the soil and stones. The plastic sheet is then pulled up so that the mixture is turned around. More stamping is required!

From this stage we continue by taking large lumps of the mixture and kneading it rather like making bread. This is then placed onto another board for further kneading. Now for the brick shape! Each large pile of cob mixture is then thrown into the mould and squashed into the corners. Squashing into the corners of the mould is crucial. There are five bricks in each mould. They are then gently riggled at each end and come out of the mould. They actually look like bricks and very professional. They are put to one side to rest. These will take approximately 18 months to dry out.

So if you fancy in joining us to make your very own brick, get in touch with Matt and sign up: tel. Matt 01326 221130.

Future dates for bricking are:

4th. April, Children’s session starting 2pm (Easter Saturday) 

Sunday 12th. of April 

Monday 20th. of April. 


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Charity Concert with Geoff & Michaela Smith – 27th March

Friday, 27th March at 7.30 pm onwards
at the County Arms, 21 Highertown, Truro TR1 3PY

Come and enjoy an evening of acoustic music featuring guitar and mandolin with songs
and stories to entertain and uplift your spirits.  Geoff & Michaela Smith are members of the Baha’i Community and are very talented musicans.  They have very kindly arranged for this fund raising concert to take place.

Michaela writes tender inspirational songs which she sings with great purity, intelligence and warmth.  View this clip on U-tube of Geoff and Michaela in performance

Geoff & Michaela –   Tickets cost £10.00.

Tickets are available from or tel 07811 853639. Cheques to be made payable to the ‘Cornwall Faith Forum’. Tickets also available at the door on the evening.
See poster for information:  CFF fundraising Concert with Geoff Michaela 27 3 15 Truro a


Nectar of Vraji Festival – 26th-30th May, Lizard Point, Cornwall

This year’ s Nectar of Vraja Festival will be held during the May half-term week in beautiful Cornwall, UK.  The venue is an ancient spiritual site built on an old stone circle where two ley-lines meet. Bring the whole family to this wonderful area for 5 days of harikatha, kirtan and prasadam. This is our third Nectar of Vraja festival with Sripad Bhaktivedanta Madhava Maharaja and this year we are delighted to say that he will be joined for harikatha by Sripad Bhaktivedanta Vana Maharaja.

We are also ecstatic that the Kirtaniyas will be coming home from their American tour to lead a happening kirtan! Hari bol! We encourage you to bring your instruments and singing voices and get ready to sway with the transcendental sounds. The festival venue is booked for arrival from 24-31 May – with Hari Katha starting on the 26th and ending on the 30th. There is free camping available at the site in exchange for seva (minimum 2 hours daily). You must pre-book for free camping with us as it first come, first served for a maximum of 200 people. Please note, that only tents are allowed in the camping fields. Cars must be parked in the designated parking area next to the caravans. There are also spaces for people to bring their own motorhomes, camper-vans, caravans. Again, this requires pre-booking. Prasadam starts in the evening on the 24th and continues through to the evening on the 31st. I hope this helps. Please keep checking the festival Facebook page for more updates. Hare Krishna!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of you.

Have you seen our new thought for the week? Every week a new thoughtful gift from one of our faith communities. Many thanks for your support.

Our new weaving project is starting off this month and we are working with the Inspiring Women Network. Women and girls of different faiths are invited to join together to share their wisdom, to have creative conversations and to have fun. We will start with conversations about wisdom and remember wise people that have influenced our lives and faith. These conversations will inspire the rug’s design. The idea for this project has come from Barbara Glasson at the Touchstone project in Bradford. Once the rug is finished it will become part of the carpet of a yurt (see picture). The yurt will come to Cornwall during the summer and we will all be invited to take of our shoes and walk into the yurt reflecting on wisdom, wise stories and the people that have inspired us………………


Moving forward project

Inspiring Women Network (IWN) is a multi-cultural group run and led by diverse women that provides various activities, events and services in the community from weekly craft workshops, to film nights, to advocacy.

We are running a project called the ‘Moving Forward Project’ which is about offering unemployed women opportunities to learn new skills, access accredited training, meet new people, improve their employability, and improve their confidence. This project is delivered from Bosvigo children centre in Truro on Wednesdays (term-time only) 12.45-2.45pm. There is a crèche facility available and possible help with travel costs. All activities are free.

If you think you would like to take part in this project or know someone who might be interested, then please pass on the information.  Please see this flyer  IWN funding and for further details please contact me by email or mobile on 07999327717.

Nour Chakroun, Project Co-ordinator

07999 327 717 or email

Weaving Women’s Wisdom

Cornwall Faith Forum is warmly inviting you for a coffee morning on the 12th December between 09:00 and 10:30 at the Bosvigo School Children’s Centre, Chapel Hill, Truro, TR1 3BJ, to find out about our exciting new project for the dark winter months: Weaving Women’s Wisdom.  Women and girls of different backgrounds are invited to join together to share their wisdom, to have creative conversations and to have fun!

You are invited to make a beautiful rug which will be combined to make a travelling exhibition. We will start with conversations around wisdom, remember wise women that have influenced our lives and share stories.  These conversations will inspire the rug’s design. Imagination is more important than expertise…… If you would like to get involved please or contact Rita on or on 07775-937485

Cornwall Faith Forum is a charity and brings together 7 different faith communities in Cornwall: Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim and Pagan. We develop and run workshops for primary schools (with Cornwall Council), secondary schools, college pupils and carers in Cornwall.

Weaving Wisdom

Wisdom is a common thread within all faiths.

We have an exciting new project for the dark winter months: Weaving Women’s Wisdom. Women and girls from different backgrounds and faiths are invited to join together to share their wisdom, to have creative conversations and to have fun! The project has been set by the Touchstone Project in Bradford led by Rev. Barbara Glasson. You might remember her as a very inspiring speaker at our Cornwall Faith Forum Conference during Inter-Faith week 2013.

We are invited to make beautiful rugs which will be combined to make a travelling exhibition. We will first start with conversations around wisdom, remember wise women that have influenced our lives and faith and share stories. These conversations will inspire the rug’s design. The touchstone project is providing a canvas and starter kit and we can bring in colourful materials like ribbon, fabric, beads, buttons and photographs. Imagination is more important than expertise…… If you would like to get involved please contact Rita on…

Wisdom is a common thread within all faiths.


The Pagan Federation was voted onto the Inter Faith Network UK

Eve Salthouse, from the Pagan Community of the Cornwall Faith Forum writes about some exciting news for the Pagans:

On September 27th the Pagan Federation was voted into the Inter Faith Network UK as a national faith community representative body. Another Pagan organisation, The Druid Network, was also voted on. As a new member, the Pagan Federation will be a provisional member for two years and then face a vote to be accepted as a full member.

To put this momentous occasion in perspective, this vote to be accepted even as a provisional member has taken an astonishing twenty five years of patient work by Pagan leaders. Many years ago, Paganism was not as well understood as it is today, and much of our current equality legislation was not yet on the statute books, but even so, twenty five years of diplomatic and respectful effort to be accepted is a great testament to those who have worked so tirelessly to gain a voice for Pagans among other faiths. There have been years (decades!), of obstruction and prejudice but hopefully this vote marks the beginning of much greater tolerance and understanding.

Members of the Cornish Faith Forum might also like to ponder on how magnificently this reflects on Cornwall! The Faith Forum can rightfully feel very proud of the way it has upheld the principles of inter-faith respect and understanding , so very much in advance of the rest of the country.

Interfaith Week Exhibition

The Cornwall Faith Forum has joined forces with the Compass at Tremough CUC University to hold an exhibition during Interfaith Week on Wednesday, 19th November from 10.00 am – 4.00 pm.

This exhibition seeks to celebrate the diversity of religious and spiritual beliefs within the staff, students and local community. All perspectives are welcomed and every project from contributors of any faith or none, will be considered. You may choose whatever media feels appropriate. This could be a collection of objects, a performance, a participatory activity, a film, selection of photographs or 2D or 3D work etc. You may already have work that could be shown.

To register your interest, please email by Friday November 7th explaining your proposal in a few sentences.

If you would like to discuss your idea please call 01326 370744 or email with your preferred method of contact and somebody will be in touch.

Please take into account that there is little space for hanging painting and drawing so free standing work is preferred. Due to restrictions in place in the space, no food can be served and no performances involving noise or music are allowed.