The Pagan Federation was voted onto the Inter Faith Network UK

Eve Salthouse, from the Pagan Community of the Cornwall Faith Forum writes about some exciting news for the Pagans:

On September 27th the Pagan Federation was voted into the Inter Faith Network UK as a national faith community representative body. Another Pagan organisation, The Druid Network, was also voted on. As a new member, the Pagan Federation will be a provisional member for two years and then face a vote to be accepted as a full member.

To put this momentous occasion in perspective, this vote to be accepted even as a provisional member has taken an astonishing twenty five years of patient work by Pagan leaders. Many years ago, Paganism was not as well understood as it is today, and much of our current equality legislation was not yet on the statute books, but even so, twenty five years of diplomatic and respectful effort to be accepted is a great testament to those who have worked so tirelessly to gain a voice for Pagans among other faiths. There have been years (decades!), of obstruction and prejudice but hopefully this vote marks the beginning of much greater tolerance and understanding.

Members of the Cornish Faith Forum might also like to ponder on how magnificently this reflects on Cornwall! The Faith Forum can rightfully feel very proud of the way it has upheld the principles of inter-faith respect and understanding , so very much in advance of the rest of the country.

Interfaith Week Exhibition

The Cornwall Faith Forum has joined forces with the Compass at Tremough CUC University to hold an exhibition during Interfaith Week on Wednesday, 19th November from 10.00 am – 4.00 pm.

This exhibition seeks to celebrate the diversity of religious and spiritual beliefs within the staff, students and local community. All perspectives are welcomed and every project from contributors of any faith or none, will be considered. You may choose whatever media feels appropriate. This could be a collection of objects, a performance, a participatory activity, a film, selection of photographs or 2D or 3D work etc. You may already have work that could be shown.

To register your interest, please email by Friday November 7th explaining your proposal in a few sentences.

If you would like to discuss your idea please call 01326 370744 or email with your preferred method of contact and somebody will be in touch.

Please take into account that there is little space for hanging painting and drawing so free standing work is preferred. Due to restrictions in place in the space, no food can be served and no performances involving noise or music are allowed.

Grand Celebration of Faith Diversity – 21st October

Three hundred primary school pupils had a wonderful day on Tuesday 21th of October. They were offered eight workshops filled with festivals by the following faith communities in Cornwall: the Baha’i Faith, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan and Sikh community. Every workshop had different colours, smells and atmospheres which engaged all the senses of the pupils and teachers.
The event was jointly organised by Cornwall Faith Forum and Cornwall Council and aimed to enhance the children’s qualities of tolerance, empathy and appreciation of different faiths.

The day was a great success. Pupils from Archbishop Benson School wrote that they learned “about all the different religions and how to make people happy” and that they found out “that all faiths have similarities and to respect other beliefs”. Pupils from King Charles School discovered “faiths that they didn’t know and lots of interesting celebrations” and that “every religion prays”. Similar comments were received from most of the pupils.

Teachers from King Charles School in Falmouth commented that “The day was very welcoming and the pupils clearly enjoyed all workshops. The event was extremely well organised and pupils asked lots of questions which has given us plenty of new material to take back into the class room”.

When teachers from Archbishop Benson School were asked how their pupils received the workshops, they said: “Pupils were very interested in discovering about religions from first-hand practitioners” They were very open minded and all really engaged and showed respect for all the faiths”.

Cornwall Faith Forum would like to thank their wonderful volunteers for all their hard work and commitment in preparing and presenting the workshops. Most volunteers had taken a day of annual leave to deliver the workshops.

Children also heard about the plans for Dor Kemmyn, the Inter-Faith Centre for Cornwall, which the faith communities will be building at Penmount, just outside Truro. A community cob-brick building project will start in the spring of next year and we will be creating 6000 bricks from the soil present on site. Anyone interested in helping to build bricks please contact 

Revd Andrew Yates, Chairman of Cornwall Faith Forum, highlighted the importance of the event in letting children and adults know that there are many people from different faiths sharing Cornwall with them.


Celebration of Eid-ul-Adha on a gorgeous day


Yesterday, we celebrated Eid-ul-Adha (the end of the Haj pilgrimage) at Penmount. It was a beautiful still day and the wooden outline of the Inter-faith Centre looked inviting. As we arrived to set up our gazebo, Steve from Penmount Crematorium was mowing a path and was bringing chairs. A party was about to start and then gorgeous food started arriving.  Mubeen welcomed everyone by talking about the Haj Pilgrimage and by explaining how important it is to celebrate together. Thanks very much to everyone who came along, it was wonderful to see new families and thanks to everyone for bringing great food: all homemade and recipes from all over the world.  Some of our guests expected to see a building but were lovely and flexible and enjoyed an open-air party in our field. Thanks to everyone for coming and for all the good wishes…….

Eid ul Fitr at the Dor Kemmyn Field

Thanks to our hosts Nour and Mubeen for a lovely time celebrating Eid ul Fitr.  The afternoon commenced with Mubeen explaining about the Muslim Festival celebrating the end of Ramadan, and also about the three pillars at Mecca where many thousands of pilgrims go each year.  Stones are thrown by the pilgrims between the pillars which symbolises casting the ‘bad’ things within yourself, and starting afresh.

We then had a good time of socialising with many new faces present, and in true Dor Kemmyn tradition there was a fine array of colourful foods to treat ourselves with.  The children had a good time playing a game of throwing balls to hit tins on our Dor Kemmyn posts which was to resemble throwing stones at the pillars.

It was good to be back at the Dor Kemmyn field.  It was a still, quiet and even warm October afternoon.  We hope one day in the near future we will be holding Eid again but in our new building.  Thanks to all those who came along.  It was a truly lovely event.

Celebration of Faith Diversity – 21st October at Truro School

Cornwall Faith Forum are looking forward to welcoming schools in the mid of the County to the Celebration of Faith Diversity day this year being held at Truro School, Truro.  The theme for the day will be ‘A year in the life of different Faith Traditions in Cornwall’.  There will be 8 workshops covering all the faiths in Cornwall.  The workshops will be interactive and informative for the year 5-6 children attending.

We are looking for volunteers to assist with chaperoning the children around the workshops and helping with the refreshments as well as other roles.  If you could help and volunteer we would love to hear from you.  Please contact Rita  or telephone 0777 593 7485.

Please view flyer for further information Celebration of Faith Diversity, Truro – Primary School Event 21.10.14

Cornwall Faith Forum AGM – 20th October

The Cornwall Faith Forum AGM will be held on Monday, 20th October at 7.30 pm, with refreshments from 7.00 pm, at Epiphany House, Kenwyn, Truro  TR1 3DR.  We will cover election of ‘voting members’, updates of our education work and the Dor Kemmyn building project. All are welcome to attend.

Following the AGM we will have an Open Meeting on our theme of Architecture.  For more information contact Andrew Yates, Chair, Cornwall Faith Forum

Look forward to seeing you there!

Interfaith Week

16th – 22nd November
We are hoping to hold an art exhibition of the faith traditions to be held at the Tremough Campus.

If you would like further information regarding these events, please contact Rita Stephen or tel. 07775 937 485

Celebration of Faith Diversity Primary Schools’ Event

Tuesday 21st October at Truro School.
Schools from the mid Cornwall are welcome to attend.

If you would like further information regarding these events, please contact Rita Stephen or tel. 07775 937 485

An Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the Cornwall Faith Forum

An Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the Cornwall Faith Forum (CFF) is to be held on:

Wednesday, 9th July at 7.30 pm (refreshments served from 7.00 pm)
at Diocesan House, Kenwyn, Truro TR1 1JQ.

This is owing to a change to the constitution of the Forum and the details are set out in the following documents:

Invitation to the Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the Cornwall Faith Forum
CFF Structure CIO proposal May 2014
CFF Draft Constitution July 2014

In addition to this Extra Ordinary General Meeting as we are coming together as a Forum, we will use this opportunity to continue our exploration of Sacred Architecture from the perspectives of our various Faith Traditions.
All welcome.
For further information contact Andrew Yates