Festival Angels – August 2017

A team of “Angels” will be on hand at Newquay’s Boardmasters Festival in August.

The Festival Angels volunteers, along the lines of the Street Angels and Street Pastors models, will be out and about across the festival site offering help and assistance to the 35,000 festival goers.

The teams will offer support such as helping carry bags and putting up tents as people arrive, and offering directions, water and Suntan Lotion as the festival gets underway. Festival Angel volunteers will also be on hand to support and work alongside other welfare teams.

Festival Angels was launched at Leeds Festival in 2011 and since then has extended to 175 volunteers in 2016 running a cafe, lost property and detached teams. The concept of Festival Angels has become an integral part of Leeds Festival with other major music festivals across the UK now looking at replicating the model.

Based on that successful track record at Leeds, local organisers thought Festival Angels would bring a uniquely positive contribution to the Boardmaster event, which completely dominates the Newquay area for a few days every August. Our aim is to support the local effort this year and build a team that will be led and resourced locally in future years.

Paul Blakey MBE, the founder of Street Angels and Christian Nightlife Initiatives Network, comments, “This is the first time for Festival Angels at Boardmasters. Following on from the success at Leeds, the church in Newquay contacted us for support in running Festival Angels within Boardmasters. Our aim is to support a local team this year and then hand the project over in future years.”

Derek Baker (Faith Co-ordinator for Devon and Cornwall Police, and Regional Co-ordinator for ‘Redeeming Our Communities’) says that Festival Angels is a great opportunity for people with Street Pastor, Street Angel or similar experience to take their skills and concern for the safety and wellbeing of others into the Music Festival environment.

Jez Bayes (Safer Cornwall Alcohol Strategy Co-ordinator) stated that this community spirited initiative will help to continue the development of The Boardmasters Festival as a safe and vibrant event, making sure that people are able to look back on their time here for the right reasons.

To find out more or to sign up as a Festival Angel volunteer visit www.boardmastersfestivalangels.org.uk

Devon and Cornwall Police and Dorset Police response to Finsbury Park attack

Following the attack on Sunday 18 June outside the Muslim Welfare house on Seven Sisters Road, near Finsbury Park Mosque, Devon and Cornwall Police and Dorset Police have issued the following statement:

Assistance Chief Constable Russ Middleton said: “Our thoughts are with all those affected by the latest attack near Finsbury Park in London.

“Although there is no specific intelligence to suggest any threat to our Force area, officers will be providing reassurance by visiting mosques, Islamic Centres and other locations.


“We have good relationships with all of our communities and we are liaising with them to make sure that everyone feels safe and to talk through any concerns.


“It is more important than ever to stand together as communities and to be united against those who wish to do harm.


“We take all reports of hate crime seriously and take positive action. Over the coming days and weeks we will continue to reach out to reassure and strengthen bonds with the communities we serve.


“There can never be any excuse for hate crime in any shape or form and this criminality will not be tolerated. We want those who are victims of hate crime to feel confident in reporting any concerns to us.

“If you are a witness or a victim of hate crime or feel vulnerable please report it. More people are reporting hate crime than ever before, but it is still significantly underreported. Don’t suffer in silence.

“In emergencies call 999, in non-emergencies email 101@dc.police.uk or call 101. You can also visit the True Vision website: www.report-it.org.uk and the Stop Hate UK website: www.stophateuk.org.uk or call the Stop Hate UK helpline on 0800 138 1625 for information and advice.

“I would also urge people to keep alert but not alarmed and if anyone sees anything suspicious relating to terrorism, they can report this to the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321 or 999 in an emergency.

“Please report any suspicious activity using the Anti-Terrorist Hotline number 0800 789 321 or 999 in an emergency.”

The Great Get Together and Polytunnel Repair – 17th June 2017

On one of the hotest days of the year, CFF friends came together as part of the Great Get Together in memory of Jo Cox and to repair our cob brick polytunnel.  Di Profaska, from the Baha’i Faith writes:

‘We had a lovely united time today sharing prayers and readings in memory of Jo Cox and others both nationally and internationally. There is more unity in the world than disunity and ordinary people around the world are working together and individually to make a difference.’

The reading Di shared with us was:

Consider the flowers of a garden: Though differing in kind, colour, form and shape, yet this diversity increases their charm and adds to their beauty. How unpleasing to the eye if all the flowers and plants were the same. In like manner, when divers shades of thought, temperament and character are brought together the beauty and glory of human perfection is revealed and made manifest.



Ramadhan 2017

Valerie Ward, from the Muslim Faith Community, recently wrote the following ‘Thought for the Week’ relating to Ramadhan

25/26th May 2017 with see the start of Ramadhan for this year.  Muslims all around the world will be looking forward to this special month with great enthusiasm and pleasure.  Ramadhan is 29/30 days of complete fasting – no food or drink at all between dawn and sun set.  This will be particularly hard for those of us in the northern hemisphere where in UK we may be fasting for 18 hours or more. In the southern hemisphere it is their easier time with the days now much shorter.  But we are all grateful not to have to endure the high temperatures and humidity of those Muslims who live nearer the equator even though their days do not vary so much in length.

Wherever Muslims live they will strive to enjoy the blessings of Ramadhan.  It is a time to renew their connection with God, to remove laziness and slackness in practice of His commandments.  Most Muslims will try to read at least one part of the Holy Quran every day and perform the prescribed prayers in a better way than they might have been doing.  Ramadhan is a refresher course, revitalising us for the coming year and renewing our knowledge, our practice and our relationship with God.

Tradition says that during Ramadhan Almighty Allah keeps Shaitan (Satan) held in chains.  All Muslims feel the blessings of this encouragement to try our best to do all that pleases Allah.  Giving in charity, avoiding division and arguments and keeping to the right path which, InshaAllah will be a blessing to us all.

When the fasting month is completed the sighting of the new moon of the next month announces Eid-ul-Fitr.  One of the two Muslim Eid festivals. Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated with an extra prayer service, and by sharing meat and meals with each other and often the giving of gifts to family and friends; sharing the joy and blessings felt on completing the fast successfully in all its aspects.

Ramadhan Mubarak to all and inshaAllah we will all reach for greater peace this Ramadhan for all the world.

Truro Singing Event 21st September, UN International Day of Peace – Update

Update from Paul Haines:

Plans are going well, with approximately 26 choirs signed up, but there is one change:

Saturday 23rd September has had to change to Saturday 16th September.

(Details for Thursday 21st September remain the same)

View flyer for more information:UN INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE 10

The Great Get Together inspired by Jo Cox – Saturday, 17th June

A Time of Reflection followed by a Picnic and Polytunnel Repair at the Dor Kemmyn Field, Penmount, Truro TR4 9AA

All are very welcome to join the ‘Great Get Together’ of the Cornwall Faith Forum. We will commence with a time of contemplation on the theme of working together for peace. The faith communities in Cornwall will reflect on the acts of terrorism taken place recently in Manchester and London, and to focus on what was stated by Jo Cox in her first speech to Parliament “We are far more united, and have far more in common, than which divides us”.

Following this time we will have a picnic together. Please bring along vegetarian food and soft drinks to share.

Finally a practical way of building for peace, will be an opportunity for all hands to work together to help with the relining the polytunnel with a new polythene covering. The polytunnel for the making of our cob bricks was damaged by the winter storms and as a result it would be great to have as many people as possible would make this job manageable and fun!

For more information contact Rita Stephen 07775 937485 or email dorkemmyn.rita@btinternet.com and see flyer: The CFF Great Get Together – 17th June 2017 Penmount Truro a


Response from the Cornwall Faith Forum in relation to the Manchester terror attack

Statement on behalf of the Cornwall Faith Forum from the
Representatives of the Faith Communities of Cornwall  

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost their lives or were injured in the terrorist murders at the Manchester Arena,  their families, and those responding with assistance.

We deplore and condemn this wanton, brutal and cowardly taking of the lives of young and old.

We stand together to oppose terrorism and the ideologies that promote it.

We offer this prayer and invite others to share it:

God of our fears and hopes
With you we know that Goodness is stronger than evil
That Love is stronger than hate
That Light is stronger than darkness
Be with those whose lives have been turned upside down by the bombing in Manchester
May all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering
May the Peace of God surround and protect us all.

Andrew Yates
Chair, Cornwall Faith Forum
andrew.yates@truro.anglican.org tel. 07773 088906

St Michael’s Way Walk – Saturday 13th May

With a peal of bells at St Uny Church at Lelant, our small CFF group set off for the 12.5 mile walk along the St Michael’s Way.  The weather was bright and sunny.  The sea along the Hayle estuary  to Carbis Bay was an azure blue with clear sandy beaches.  You could have been somewhere exotic in the world!  From Carbis Bay there was the steep uphill walk to Knill monument.  We stopped here for our first reading on the theme of pilgrimage which was in fact a song sung by Michaela from the Bahai faith.

For the next couple of miles we walked along grassy footpaths adorned by beautiful spring hedgerows.  Our next stop was on Trencrom Hill.  From here you can see both coasts of Cornwall  – Godrevy and St Ives Bay and St Michael’s Mount and Mount’s Bay.  We imagined the pilgrims of the past stopping at this awesome point of the St Michael’s Way.

A short break for lunch as the weather was rolling in grey clouds and we still had some way to go!  We set off and reached the village of Ludgvan, and then on the homeward straight through some Agapanthas fields towards Marazion. The weather was by now turning wet and we finally walked through the marshland/nature reserve at Marazion.  After the 12.5 mile walk we stopped for a well earned ‘cuppa’ before making our way back to the car at Penzance.

It was a day full of contrasting scenery and weather and walk was enjoyed by us all (well except for the hills!).  It was good to travel as the pilgrims of the past had done and to encounter the landmarks they would have seen.  Thanks to everyone for their support and for sponsoring us.

UK Cities of Peace Tour 2017

Peace Walker, Paul Haines writes ….The intention for the UK Cities for Peace Tour is to visit the 69 Cities of the UK and link up with people from all walks of life who are working towards peace, and to create a resource for those interested in finding out about others doing the same. The idea
would be to encourage links, connections, networks, friendships, hubs, etc.  So often the question is ….. what can I do for Peace? We feel overwhelmed and helpless seeing so much war and violence in the world. Particularly at this time, there is such a need for more people to act, and take part. Hopefully this resource might beone way where anyone can find out where and how they can be involved in the Peace process, and to do that little something that may make a difference. There are so many ways we can contribute to peace in the world. We can sing, talk, write, walk, play, eat,
cycle, run, drive, raise awareness ……. the possibilities are endless.

On Paul’s tour he will be promoting One Day One Choir on 21st September in Truro (A global choral project for peace) together with the charity – Children of Peace.  Read more at:  UK Cities for Peace Tour Flyer 3

NB The link in the flyer will be operational shortly.


Open Day at Cornwall Islamic Community Centre, Quenchwell, Truro – 29th April

Were you there?        Did you miss it?        It was a wonderful day!

Open minds; warm, generous hearts; exactly what Cornwall Faith Forum is working for –

Sharing for Peace; Learning for Peace and Building for Peace.

As I approached the Centre the lanes were busier than usual and I had to park ¼ mile away and walk back.  There was plenty of activity all around; the bouncy castle was already busy, filled with the sound of laughing children.

Mr Dureid Rifai was busy showing guests all around the centre, explaining the building and the purpose of its different rooms and features.   Among the guests were the Mayor of Truro, Councillor Rob Nolan,  Incumbent Mayor Councillor John Tamblyn, Sarah Newton, MP for Truro and Falmouth,  PC Colin Gameson PC 5447 (Diversity Officer Devon & Cornwall Police), and local community police.

Guests and hosts were moving around, which was quite a squash at times, talking, laughing, asking questions and answering queries.  Hosts working to make sure everything was running smoothly.

Eventually everyone settled into the Community Centre room where everything had been prepared in advance.  The formal part of the day began with Mr. Dureid Rifai giving a brief introduction, inviting  Mr Tipu Choudhry to give a short account of the recent history of the building, which had been a Methodist Chapel.  This was followed by an introduction to the basic teachings of Islam and its relation to other religions, pointing out that the Holy Quran has much in common the Bible.  Mr. Rifai’s daughter-in-law gave an interesting talk from a woman’s point of view.   This was followed by a local man, Sam Burr, who was born the same year the chapel was purchased for conversion and many years later became a Muslim there.  Sam, from Mevagissey, explained how he came to become interested in Islam, learned Arabic and accepted Islam.  There was an opportunity for anyone to ask questions and several people did so.  Many expressed their appreciation of the opportunity to visit the Islamic centre and how impressed they were with the things they heard and saw.

The day rounded off with a buffet of delicious food generously provided by the centre.  (I did notice that more food was brought in as there were many more visitors than had been anticipated.)  Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to chat in small groups, asking more questions, exchanging ideas and impressions.

A wonderful day, which I hope will be repeated in the future in the Methodist tradition of Anniversaries.

Valerie Ward (from the Muslim Faith Community in Cornwall)