Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 21.42.54Cornwall Faith Forum Executive

The Cornwall Faith Forum was constituted in 2008 offering two seats for each worshipping community in the County and a number of seats from the general membership.

The Cornwall Faith Forum Executive meets up four times a year and in addition has two Open Meetings, as well as the Annual General Meeting. The last Open Meeting was held in May where two presentations were given by the Baha’i and Buddhist Faith Communities on their sacred places and holy buildings. The next Open meeting will be held on 20th October 2014 and details will be available in the Autumn.

Membership of the Cornwall Faith Forum:

Hindu Faith

Dhirashanta Das
Sanjay Kumar

Pagan Faith

Eve Salthouse
Andy Norfolk

Bahai Faith

Philomena Clifford
Diana Profaska

Islamic Faith

Naeem Ahmad
Dr Rifai

Jewish Faith

Adam Feldman
Harvey Kurzfield

Buddhist Faith

Ron Ede
Sophie Muir

Christian Faith

Tim Thornton

Elected Trustees

Andrew Yates, Chair
Karen Harris Treasurer

Peter Blake
Jem Thorold
Kathy Pope
Mubeen Mazam