Easter Sunday – 16th April 2017

A chance to hear again from Jem Thorold from the Christian Faith Community who shared with us his thoughts on Easter ….

A joyous time for all people, especially Christians as we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus the Son of God.

Symbols of new birth, life from where there is death are all part of the message that God re-creates us all and as spring awakens the earth all around us this re-creation speaks of a continuing resurrection.

In Jesus, who rose from the dead on the third day after His crucifixion and in doing so has energised countless millions since, this conquering of death surly gives us hope that everything and anything can be experienced as an opportunity for recreation, our own rising from the darkness of a death to the wonder of life.

People everywhere will be telling the story of the first Easter during Holy Week, which begins with Palm Sunday. Leading up to this Lent has been observed, which is a time for deeper reflection and acknowledging where we have allowed ourselves to become separated from the love of God.

Join with the acclamation which will be heard in churches and places of worship throughout the world – Jesus is Risen, He is Risen indeed alleluia.