Sunny Spring walk from Kenwyn to Penmount, Truro – 18th April

After a week of warm sunny days, it was evident that there was a drop in the temperature with a strong north east wind blowing whilst we waited for everybody to arrive at Kenwyn Church, Truro. Our aim of today’s walk was to walk from Kenwyn to the Dor Kemmyn building site at Penmount. Once […]

Update on the Brickmaking from the Architect and future brickmaking dates

Hear from the architect of the Dor Kemmyn building, Matt Robinson, how the brick making has been progressing as well as some new dates for future brick making … “We have held four brick making sessions now, and all have been a success. Mining some sub soil from the Ground and then turning it into […]

Cornwall Faith Forum Open Meeting – Monday 18th May

All are welcome to Cornwall Faith Forum’s Open Meeting taking place on Monday, 18th May.  The meeting starts at 7.00 pm with refreshments for a 7.30 pm start and will be held at Epiphany House, Kenwyn, Truro. There is to be a Faith Market Place with the seven faiths in Cornwall taking part, together with […]

Update on the fund raising Charity Meal, the Old Mill, Nancarrow Farm

We felt that our charity meal at the delightful location of the Old Mill Mill at Nancarrow Farm is an amazing, unique fund raising opportunity, and we want to maximise this to its full potential.  We want to ensure that the meal is taken up by as many people as possible and that it will […]

National Day of Prayer for the Police – 14th May

There is to be a National Day of Prayer for the Police on 14th May and there will be an opportunity to say prayers in Truro and Exeter Cathedrals.  For more information please view poster D&C National day of prayer poster 2015 or contact Sarah Jeffery

Our first cob bricks and future brick making dates

Today, 22nd March, will see the second Sunday afternoon of brick making. Last week we made our first 20 bricks which we are absolutely delighted with. These bricks will form the inside walls of the Dor Kemmyn building, so we are actually collectively together making some of the Interfaith Centre ourselves. Our polytunnel is now […]