Peter Blake
Faith: Humanist

Peter Blake
Peter Blake

Why did you become involved with the Cornwall Faith Forum?

To learn about different BELIEFS and Religious FAITH held by people.
To SEEK UNDERSTANDING of the points of view of people,(Humanists), who for a variety of reasons, do not / cannot embrace a Religious Faith

Basic information about your faith

Humanists find it difficult to believe in the existence of a God / Gods or other all-powerful divine mystical beings, hence we are unable to worship such beings.

We do not believe in ’Life after Death’; In Resurrection, In a Heaven and Hell

Our lives are based on MORAL and ETHICAL FOUNDATION DERIVED FROM LOGICAL REASONING and from seeking to understand the needs of humanity and the need for Societies to be living in peace.

We believe that we are responsible for our own action;– To the Society in which we live and not to a God / Mystical being’

We feel that people should be living free, happy, fulfilling lives and have concern for and provide help for others in need

We believe that we must respect and understand the different points of view that are held by others

Where to find out more information about your faith:

For Cornwall the Cornwall Humanists website
Email Peter Blake
National British Humanist Assotiation website