Pre Christmas Advent Spiral Walks

Christmas may be past, but please do take some time to read from Bhaktin Jay, from the Hindu Community, an account of Advent Spiral Walks which she was involved in West Cornwall in 2014 …. Pre-Christmas I planned a Spiral Walk, and and worked with some of the different faith groups based in and around […]

News on the Cornwall Faith Forum’s CD

Sophie Muir, the Buddhist representative on the Cornwall Faith Forum, gives us an update on how the Cornwall Faith Forum’s music CD is progressing: Dear Friends, Happy New Year! An overdue up-date on the progress of our recording project is offered as follows: Michael Tingle and Sophie completed the very privileged, enjoyable and moving process […]

Moving forward project

Inspiring Women Network (IWN) is a multi-cultural group run and led by diverse women that provides various activities, events and services in the community from weekly craft workshops, to film nights, to advocacy. We are running a project called the ‘Moving Forward Project’ which is about offering unemployed women opportunities to learn new skills, access […]

The Pagan Federation was voted onto the Inter Faith Network UK

Eve Salthouse, from the Pagan Community of the Cornwall Faith Forum writes about some exciting news for the Pagans: On September 27th the Pagan Federation was voted into the Inter Faith Network UK as a national faith community representative body. Another Pagan organisation, The Druid Network, was also voted on. As a new member, the […]

Interfaith Week Exhibition

The Cornwall Faith Forum has joined forces with the Compass at Tremough CUC University to hold an exhibition during Interfaith Week on Wednesday, 19th November from 10.00 am – 4.00 pm. This exhibition seeks to celebrate the diversity of religious and spiritual beliefs within the staff, students and local community. All perspectives are welcomed and […]

Grand Celebration of Faith Diversity – 21st October

Three hundred primary school pupils had a wonderful day on Tuesday 21th of October. They were offered eight workshops filled with festivals by the following faith communities in Cornwall: the Baha’i Faith, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan and Sikh community. Every workshop had different colours, smells and atmospheres which engaged all the senses of […]