One Day One Choir, UN International Day of Peace – 21st September 2017

One Day One Choir organiser, Paul Haines, tell us about this amazing recent event:

The two day event to raise awareness for the UN International Day of Peace on the 21st September went very well. The first day on Saturday 16th September was held on Lemon Quay with extremely wet weather, particularly in the morning. The second day, on the 21st, started outside Truro Cathedral with the final two sessions in Truro Methodist Church. 28 choirs performed, with many groups and organisations involved. There were some very inspirational speakers between the choirs with 7 different faith speakers from the Cornwall Faith Forum. It was wonderful to know that by supporting the global choral project, One Day One Choir, we were singing for world peace with choirs all around the world. Donations were also collected for the UK charity Children of Peace which supports groups helping children in the Middle East.

For more information on the organisations involved with One Day One Choir: