Sharing for Peace Walk – Tresillian to St Clements (& back), 17th April

We couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon for our Sharing for Peace walk.  There was a glorious bright sun at this very special spring time of the year.  Green leaves were appearing on the trees and there were beautiful primroses and bluebells to be seen.

We commenced our walk at Tresillian and made our way towards the Tresillian river estuary.  We had our first reading on Peace from the Baha’i faith with the splendid backdrop of the river.  We continued until an open area looking over the river and followed readings from the Buddhist and Christian faiths.  We had two  young people as part of the group who particularly enjoyed jumping in the puddles and one individual in the group was an avid birdwatcher who showed us on his telescope shell-ducks in the distance.

Along a few more steps and then readings were read from the Pagan, Jewish and Hindu faith communities.  If one closed your eyes sometimes it would be difficult to perceive which reading of faith came from each specific faith.  Close to the village of St Clement’s we had our reading from the Muslim faith as well as a reading from the Unitarians.

Then there was a very special treat  in store for us at St Clement’s village with a visit to Riverside Cottage which was open for the afternoon for charity as part of the National Garden Scheme.  The small beautiful cottage garden at the front led onto a large back garden set into the hillside which had lovely views to the river.  Also there were cups of tea and cake served which was very gratefully received.

Time to set back on our return walk with our final reading from Paul Haines who last year completed a walk for Peace from Rome to Jerusalem.  He read moving text from a Palestinian Christian who had a dream for Peace in his land and surrounding countries.

We continued back along the footpath and shared conversations with new friends and a good time was had by all.

Keep an eye open for our next walk which will in September when we shall be walking some of the St Michael’s Way in west Cornwall.