Cornwall Faith Forum’s member, Valerie Ward, shares with us her thought on the Islamic pilgrimage, the Haj: Pilgrimages are journeys motivated by religious sentiments.  They may be to visit a place considered sacred or as an act of devotion.  All major religions have some form of pilgrimage. At the beginning of September 2017 Muslims all […]

Ramadhan 2017

Valerie Ward, from the Muslim Faith Community, recently wrote the following ‘Thought for the Week’ relating to Ramadhan 25/26th May 2017 with see the start of Ramadhan for this year.  Muslims all around the world will be looking forward to this special month with great enthusiasm and pleasure.  Ramadhan is 29/30 days of complete fasting […]

Easter Sunday – 16th April 2017

A chance to hear again from Jem Thorold from the Christian Faith Community who shared with us his thoughts on Easter …. A joyous time for all people, especially Christians as we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus the Son of God. Symbols of new birth, life from where there is death are all part of […]

Thought for the Week – The Exodus and the Stranger at our Gate

Every year Jews tell the story of the Exodus. In fact, they tell it twice, once in the synagogue, when they read the weekly portions from the Book of Exodus, or Shemot, the Book of Names in Hebrew, and once when they sit down at the seder, or festive, table, and read from the Haggadah. […]

Holocaust Memorial Day – 27th January

This week Valerie Ward from the Muslim faith community shares her thoughts for Holocaust Memorial day: Holocaust Memorial Day takes place on 27th January each year.  It is a time to pause and to remember the millions of people who have been slaughtered or had their lives changed beyond recognition. Holocaust Day remembers the people, […]

Thought for the Week 2017

With a new year coming we are starting to think about Thought for the Week 2017.   If you have a ‘thought’ about a festival/event in your faith, or if you have a thought about a present day topic, you may want to sign up to write a ‘thought’ which we will upload on our website […]