Week of 17th July – Martha and Mary

The Revd Canon Malcolm Bowers shares his thought with us for this week: The Gospel reading for many Churches on Sunday 17th July is a typical family situation. Jesus is visiting his friends Martha, Mary and Lazarus. Martha is being a good host busying herself by the many tasks that had to be done in […]

Week of 10th July – Eid ul Fitr

This week Valerie Ward from the Muslim Faith Community shares a thought on Eid ul Fitr. Muslims all around the world celebrated one of their two Eid festivals last week.   This was Eid ul Fitr. It is celebrated on the first day of the new lunar month after the end of Ramadhan. Eid ul […]

Week of 26th June – The Martyrdom of the Bab

This week our contribution from the Baha’i Faith by Philomena Clifford looks ahead when Baha’is commemorate , ‘The Martyrdom of the Bab ‘ at mid-day on July 9th. The Bab who’s title means , ‘The Gate’ , was born in 1819 in Shiraz in the South of Persia. As a youth , He was noted […]

Week of 12th June – Walking the Walk

This week’s ‘Thought’ comes from Kathy Pope who shares her reflection on pilgrimage: Pilgrimage – a word with many understandings and expressions. A journey that might be undertaken in groups or alone, in buses or on foot, a common feature of many religions as people seek spiritual insight, time out for reflection, and the experience […]

Week of 5th June – Ramdhan

This week’s Thought for the Week comes from Valerie Ward from the Muslim faith who gives us an insight into Ramdhan: Ramdhan begins this week. Ramadhan is month of fasting observed by Muslims.  The Holy Quran, which Muslims believe to be the verbal guidance given to all mankind by God tells us in chapter 2 […]

Week ending 29th May – Holy Day for the Baha’i Faith

Philomena Clifford from the Baha’i faith informs us about a Baha’i Holy Day celebrated last week.  Philomena writes: The St Austell Baha’is recently celebrated a special Holy Day on May 23 rd. This auspicious day marks the date of the Declaration of the Bab – meaning the Gate in English – Who’s Mission was to […]