Threshold Choir Open Event- Liminal Evening, 30th October

We warmly invite you to join us at Roselidden Farm, Trevenen Bal,  Helston,  Cornwall TR13 0PT on Monday 30th October at 7.15 pm.

You are welcome to come along: to listen to us, or if you choose, to be wrapped in blankets and receive our singing.

Those we have sung to in this way already describe it as a very moving and exquisite experience.

Threshold Choir is a network of a cappella choirs whose mission is to sing for and with those on the threshold of life. Our goal is to bring a calm and focused presence and sing with gentle compassionate voices, to bring soothing and reassurance to clients, family and care-givers alike.

There is no charge, but there will be the opportunity to make a donation if you wish.

For further information, contact 07964 721843