UK Cities of Peace Tour 2017

Peace Walker, Paul Haines writes ….The intention for the UK Cities for Peace Tour is to visit the 69 Cities of the UK and link up with people from all walks of life who are working towards peace, and to create a resource for those interested in finding out about others doing the same. The idea
would be to encourage links, connections, networks, friendships, hubs, etc.  So often the question is ….. what can I do for Peace? We feel overwhelmed and helpless seeing so much war and violence in the world. Particularly at this time, there is such a need for more people to act, and take part. Hopefully this resource might beone way where anyone can find out where and how they can be involved in the Peace process, and to do that little something that may make a difference. There are so many ways we can contribute to peace in the world. We can sing, talk, write, walk, play, eat,
cycle, run, drive, raise awareness ……. the possibilities are endless.

On Paul’s tour he will be promoting One Day One Choir on 21st September in Truro (A global choral project for peace) together with the charity – Children of Peace.  Read more at:  UK Cities for Peace Tour Flyer 3

NB The link in the flyer will be operational shortly.