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Faith: Bahá’í Faith

Paul and Di
Paul and Diane Profaska

Why did you become involved with the Cornwall Faith Forum?

We became involved with the Faith Forum because meeting with people from different background is enjoyable and stimulates broader thinking. Also, for the first time in our history we, as a species, are becoming increasingly interdependent; what we do affects everyone, and it is essential that we learn to understand each other and widen our circles of friendship.

Basic information about your faith:

The Bahá’í Faith was founded by Bahá’u’lláh in 19th century Persia. He taught that a new era in human spiritual and social evolution had dawned and that, “The wellbeing of mankind, its peace and security are unattainable, unless and until its unity is firmly established.”
Promoting the establishment of an united, spiritually based world civilization, that values individual and regional diversity, is the central social goal for Bahá’ís. We do this by learning to bring into existence the very different vision Bahá’u’lláh gave for a fairer more compassionate world.
We believe that the light of God’s love and inspiration can be experienced by people of whatever background or spiritual tradition, to the extent we wish to be receptive to it.
The first Bahá’ís in Cornwall lived in St Ives: Daniel Jenkyn, in 1910, then in the 1930’s Bernard Leach set up his pottery. During the early 1960’s several Baha’is moved to St. Agnes and St Austell. Up to the present day we are scattered around the County and have a wide variety of interests – including interfaith activities. There are regular devotional evenings, meditations, study groups, and informal gatherings to which everyone is welcome.
The Bahá’í International Community has been actively involved as a non governmental organisation in the United Nations since 1948 where it is accepted as an independent world religion.

Where to find out more information about your faith:

Diane Profaska: Tel: 01872 553187 – Email

Philomena Clifford: Tel 01726 69496 – Email

Michaela Smith: Tel 01736 752188 – Email