Building Materials

The Dor Kemmyn building will be made of from locally sourced materials constructed by Local craftsman : it will be a showcase of Cornish Design & Construction businesses.
The roof will be a concial Scantle slate roof using slates from one of the two Cornish quarriers,(Delabole or Trevillet) , where the slates start big at the eaves (rag slates 24” long) and get smaller as you go up the roof until they reach the Vesica Piscis Lantern where the slates will only be 200mm long.

The basic Structure of the building will be come from the Oak frame to be built by Devon based Carpenter Oak Ltd. This will involve traditional mortice & tenon joints with oak pegs to connect the different timbers (locally sourced Larch, Douglas Fir and French Oak) . The bridge between the two internal columns will be a modern structure using Stainless steel yachting wires in Tension. Infill roof and wall panels will be pre-fabricated in softwood/plywood by one of the local speciailsts, such as Frame UK or Perkins and Perry . Estimate for the frame & panels: £100,000.

We want to make this a unique frame by using curved timbers sourced from local Cornish woodlands : We need to source 40 curves for the wall plate, (£50 each) and 8 curves emanating from the two columns(£75 each) . We also need to find and hand convert the principal curved oak tree which will be 30ft. long – a reminder of the finite Earth we all live on. It will cost £1800 to pay Boat builder/Master Carpenter Ben Harris to find and convert this tree .

The Internal walls of the Prayer space will be a combination of re-inforced concrete portal frames and the hand made Cob bricks (see brickmaking page) that will be made by members of the public.
The External walls of the functional space will be rendered blockwork between pre-cast concrete columns and beams (from local manufacturer, CCP). The flat roof of the functional perimeter zone will have an important role in reflecting light into the prayer space through the eaves windows – we are not decided on what materials this will be , whether turf, zinc or GRP. Almost certainly though, this roof will have circular bowls of water on it to create interesting , moving patterns of light in the Prayer space.