Kathy Pope
Faith: Christian

Kathy Pope

Why did you become involved with the Cornwall Faith Forum?

As Cornish Christians my husband and myself belong to different traditions – Church of England and Roman Catholic. This difference has enriched our relationship for over 30 years and given us an insight into the value of diversity. Being part of Cornwall Faith Forum has enabled us to understand and appreciate other religious traditions.

We are able to explore our differences with respect and celebrate the many aspects of faith and spirituality that we share in common, building precious friendships while working together for understanding and peace.

Information about your faith community in Cornwall

There are many Christian churches and communities in Cornwall. As a faith group we are privileged to have a wide choice of places of worship. As an Anglican and Roman Catholic couple it is very special when we attend each other’s churches together and receive a warm welcome from each other’s communities.

Churches Together in Cornwall supports a diverse Christian Churches helping us to collaborate in both worship and social action. Many food bank and homelessness initiatives were founded by church groups working together.