Evolution of the design

The design for the building began with a 3-D “sketch model” – it was a shape that immediately chimed with people from all of the different Faiths. The building must be Geometric, look and feel sacred but have no overt references to any particular religion. Natural light has always been paramount to the design of the building – and it boasts three types of light sources: reflected light from the eaves windows , the Vescia Piscis lantern and finally at the pinacle of the building Ridge light diffuser.

Over the past 7 years a long process of evolution and resolution to the design has taken place, using a combination of hand sketches, 7 different physical models alongside modern Computer Aided Design (CAD, computer drawing) and modeling techniques. Over 2000 man hours have gone into the Design, so that the building has an entirely resolved geometrical roof, reminiscent of gothic fan vaulting , and that the detailing will be every bit as convincing as the overall concept.