Who was the first Cornish Baha'i and where in Cornwall did he live? 


Which world famous Artist based in Cornwall, was greatly influenced by his Faith as a Baha'i? 

Where is this building and why is it considered as a Holy spot by the Baha'i Community? 

The flag of Cornwall is a white cross on a black background, whose cross is it? 

There are many Celtic saints to whose name numerous Churches in Cornwall are dedicated, which King was said to be the father of many of them? 

Who is the Bishop of Truro? 

What is the Hindu symbol below called? 


Which Hindu Festival is known as “the Festival of Lights”? 

Where do Hindus worship? 

Who do Jews refer to as their father? 

Where is the oldest Ashkenazi synagogue in the English speaking world? 

What does the word “kosher” mean? 

Who was the Buddha in his early life?

The Three Pure Precepts are as follows: 1st to give up harmful actions, 2nd to take up virtuous actions. What is the Third Pure Precept of the Buddha? 

When the Buddha was asked metaphysical questions regarding the Afterlife and the Creator, how did he respond? 

Muslims are encouraged to make a pilgrimage called the Haj to which city? 

The framework for the spiritual life within Islam is known as the Five what of Islam? 

When praying Muslims will always face in the direction of the Ka’bah. In the UK this means they face... 

A Pagan is... 

Pagans see the world as... 

Pagans have...