Our main aim is to bring people together from different faiths and beliefs to find common ground for the future well being of everyone.

To create a shared sacred space for individual faith communities to use for their own worship, for interfaith celebrations and for sharing stories, experiences and customs. The prayer space would be both for collective worship as well as open for individuals.

The Centre will be inclusive, accessible and meet the needs of the diverse communities of Cornwall. It will provide a safe spiritual space for worship and where understanding and dialogue between faith communities can be actively promoted. The Centre will take an inclusive rather than an exclusive approach and will be for the use of all those who can sign up to an agreed, shared set of common values rather than through any attempt to define or list individual “faiths or belief systems”.

Helping With…

Dor Kemmyn intends to support the community to build a better understanding of each others faiths and beliefs and of each other as individuals.  It will help with issues arising from rural isolation and improve communication between isolated communities.  It will provide a more suitable place for those faith groups (the majority) who currently have no place of worship of their own.

Dor Kemmyn will also provide support and added value to the religious education provision of Cornwall’s schools and for cultural diversity training and community engagement with a wide range of statutory and voluntary organisations. It will also offer a place for school pupils from minority groups for whom rurality may well intensify the isolation they experience, to come together with others who share their experiences.

A part of the Agreed Syllabus also mandates that schools must look at interfaith work in their own area and Dor Kemmyn will provide a symbol of the work that goes on between people of faith.

Recent events in Cornwall including vandalism, graffiti etc have also indicated that a centre such as this is needed to help support the community in addressing potential conflict through dialogue rather than through violence. As we move into exploring further the PREVENT Agenda, Dor Kemmyn will provide a place where issues relating to such extremism and the promotion of social cohesion can be explored in an appropriate context.