Penmount Site

The Penmount site is owned by Cornwall Council and extends to 23 acres in all. It is located just outside Truro on the Newquay-Truro road (TR4 9AA), you will see where the building is to be located by the timber posts in situ.
The field we have been offered for the Dor Kemmyn project is fantastic: its a green field extending to 3 acres, so the building has plenty of space around it and a beautiful view to the South West. There is shared parking with the Penmount Crematorium adjacent to the road so that it doesn’t disturb the curtiledge of the Dor Kemmyn Peace Field.

There are also excellent business reasons for locating the building next to the Council’s Penmount Crematorium: we can share security and some of the staff costs with Penmount, and utilise their fantastic memorial gardens.

Ultimately, we think the Dor Kemmyn project will change the way Penmount is perceived, from an unfortunate place to a Sacred place.