Some of our Testimonials

The day went extremely well. Similarities and differences between faiths studied quite quickly, ‘real’ people from different religions able to convey their passion or commitment. Overridingly, was the sense of friendship and teamwork”

The opportunity to meet ‘real people’ to learn about different faiths which they have never had before was wonderful.”.

“It was a fascinating and inspirational experience. We found out that values tend to be shared between faiths”.

“The day was superbly organised – only wish we could have experienced all of the eight religions on offer as the children were absolutely engrossed – as were the teachers. We learnt many interesting facts about the different religions that we looked at. The workshops gave the children an insight into different beliefs, ceremonies, books, language and clothes. First hand experience of religions that they might otherwise not come in contact with.

”worthwhile exposure for the children. Lots of new and interesting experiences and knowledge. Thanks very much for hosting”

“Feel that it being a multi-faith and interconnected is braking down prejudice which would lead to more tolerance. Well done”

“Each session was so interesting and informative being able to ask questions that sometimes are embarrassing to ask families have been answered and encouraged me to find out more”

“Thoroughly enjoyed today- feel we need so much more of this kind of training, for me personally and professionally”

“Found each workshop absolutely fascinating, would have liked more time for questions”.