The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

On 25th May the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be introduced into UK law and, at the same time, the Data Protection Act 1998 will be repealed and replaced with by the Data Protection Act 2018.  GDPR gives individuals more rights and protection in how their personal data is used by organisations.

This new law will affect the way we contact you.  As a CFF member and/or supporter your privacy is important to us, and we want to communicate with all our members and supporters in a way which has their consent, and which is in line with GDPR.  Consequently as a result of this change in UK law, we now need your consent to how we contact you.  You will need to opt into our mailings and newsletters by Friday 25th May.  If you do not do this the CFF will not be able to contact you after 25th May.

Please therefore either complete this short five question online questionnaire by clicking the link:  https://CFF Personal Data Consent Form


complete a form HERE and return it to [email protected] It will only take a minute or so.

We look forward to receiving your completed questionnaire or form.  We value your support and want to continue to keep you updated with our news and events in the future.  You will only need to complete this once.

You may also want to read our Data Privacy Notice HERE