The Dor Kemmyn Peace Field and Building

What is it?

Dor Kemmyn, Cornish for ‘Common Ground’ is a visionary proposal to create a premises for use by all of Cornwall’s spiritual communities: Buddhists, Bahais, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims and Pagans.

What Will it Provide?

  • A place of peace
  • A spiritual/sacred place where individuals and groups can worship
  • Facilities to celebrate religious and cultural festivals
  • An educational resource for children, young people and adults where they can learn about the different religions as well as the contribution religion has made to Cornish culture
  • A point of contact for people of faith moving to or visiting Cornwall
  • A positive example of people working and living together in harmony
  • A place to be together and to do things together as a community
  • A place of dialogue and discussion
  • A place of engagement
  • Activities that support greater community cohesion and therefore reduce the potential of marginalisation and radicalisation


A report was carried out in Spring 2022 and the current project proposal for the Dor Kemmyn building is as follows:

Phase 1

The ‘Woodhenge’ to be removed and the 16 wooden posts to be replace by 16 Faith Posts, similar to the existing Peace Pole.) Each post will measure 100mm by 100mm by 1.8 metres and will represent each of the seven different faiths and other community organisations by showing religious symbols and messages. (Completion 2022)

Phase 1 Proposal

Phase 2

An open sided structure to be constructed on the site of the Dor Kemmmyn Oval. This structure would comprise 16 structural wooden columns and two larger central wooden columns and a wooden framed roof. The size is as shown on the final Dor Kemmyn Oval Proposal. The structure would be open sided and would have a canvas roof covering.  The wooden structural elements would become part of the final Dor Kemmyn Oval (Completion by 2025) The open sided structure would demonstrate the further need for the Dor Kemmyn Oval, by its increased  use by having a covered roof and also to enable stronger funding applications to be made, and further donations received from individuals. Phase 2 would also demonstrate a stronger presence on the site.

Phase 2 Proposal

Phase 3

To construct the Dor Kemmyn Oval, as shown on the drawings dated 2016, prepared by Matt Robinson, a local Architect. (Completion by 2027). The timber framework from Phase 2 would be used to develop the final Dor Kemmyn Oval, with the walls being constructed with cob bricks, made by community, faith and other groups and organisations.

Financial considerations will need to be updated due to the delays relating to the Pandemic and also increased costs of materials and labour. However some labour costs will be reduced due to the involvement of volunteer efforts. The current funding situation due to the allocation of funding to address a range of need relating to the Covid 19 pandemic has made funding of community projects very difficult. However as the situation improves there will be more funding opportunities available.  A number of Corporate and individual benefactors will be approached.

The Cornwall Faith Forum has sufficient funds to undertake Phase 1. There is part funding available for Phase 2. Further funding for Phase 2 and for Phase 3 will be provided from a range of Trusts and Foundations, the Big Lottery and Corporate and individual donors.

Phase 3 Proposal

The Dor Kemmyn Project Proposal 2022 document can be read here:

Dor Kemmyn Project Proposals for 2022