Mubeen Azam
Faith: Muslim

Why did you become involved with the Cornwall Faith Forum?

We joined Cornwall Faith Forum to have a sense of belonging to a community because inter faith allows us to share and learn from each other and grow in our own faith through a deeper understanding of others. It helps us realise that we are really one and the same and helps foster respect and tolerance between people of different backgrounds, faiths, cultures and beliefs.

Information about your faith community in Cornwall:

855 Muslims in Cornwall and 3 on the Isles of Silly (2,706,066 in England and Wales) -2011 Census.

Most are either in the catering business or work in hospitals.

The Muslim community in Cornwall is growing and is now more established as it now has a Cornwall Islamic Community Centre based in Carnon Downs, Truro.

Although small in number, the Muslim community is very diverse with Muslims from Bangladesh, Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan, Libya, Indonesia, Sudan, India, Syrian, Malaysia and of course British.

Where to find out more information about your faith

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