Andy Norfolk
Faith: Pagan

Andy Norfolk
Andy Norfolk

Information about your faith community in Cornwall

Being a Pagan in Cornwall can be wonderful, daunting, challenging and fulfilling.

Pagans are the third largest faith community in Cornwall.

Paganism is a set of entwined contemporary religions, based on a reverence for nature, which draw inspiration from traditional beliefs. Cornwall is a beautiful place where it is easy to experience the divine within the natural world and to feel part of it. It’s a place that celebrates its festivals like Padstow Obby Oss and Helston Flora Day and claims that both have pagan origins. However the beliefs of Pagans in Cornwall are often misunderstood and frequently misrepresented and this can make our lives difficult. We celebrate a Goddess as well as a God.

We have very strong codes of personal ethics based on taking personal responsibility for our actions, seeking to do what is right and avoid causing any harm. We care for the natural world, not just as a central part of our beliefs, but also very practically as volunteers.

We believe that people have a right to find their own religious path and celebrate diversity and the strength that it can bring the society in which we live.