Cornish Christmas Giving Catalogue 2020

The Cornwall Faith Forum are proud to promote this year’s Cornish Christmas Giving Catalogue.  It features 20 charitable organisations and all of Cornwall’s foodbanks, the catalogue provides an opportunity to give a gift of hope to someone in Cornwall this Christmas by giving a gift of love to friends and family. The Rt Revd Philip […]

Weekly Noon Thursday Prayers – 29th October 2020

Cornwall Faith Forum sends warmth and love to everyone in Cornwall. We need it now the Autumn has really started. Andrew kindly sent us the following prayer which is used during Harvest Time.   Lord for the years Verse 1 Lord, for the years your love has kept and guided, urged and inspired us, cheered […]

Interfaith Week 8th – 15th November 2020

Interfaith Week Buddies Inter Faith Week this year is from November 8th to 15th. Cornwall Faith Forum is inviting you to take part in an Inter Faith Buddies scheme to celebrate this important time. The scheme involves two people of different faiths holding a conversation to share their thoughts on topics such as:   […]

Cornwall Faith Forum Annual General Meeting – Wednesday 4th November 2020

Our Annual General Meeting is going to be held on Wednesday, 4th November at 7.00 pm.  Unfortunately we will not be able to meet in person but shall spend time together via Zoom.  We will have look at our three areas of work throughout the year:  Learning, Sharing and Building for Peace, followed by the […]

Weekly Noon Thursday Prayers – 15th October 2020

Cornwall Faith Forum sends warmth and love to everyone in Cornwall. We need it now the Autumn has really started !!Next time we will be meeting at Penmount will be on Thursday 29th October at 12:00 noon. Please contact Rita if you would like to come. The prayer for today is from Gormola Kernewek – Celtic Praise – Prayers of Praise from Cornwall by Revd. Pat Robson. You are my hiding place, O Lord. You know me by name. My thoughts and deeds are seen by you, and their memory brings pain.  I come to you with a tear-worn soul, I come to you in grief.  I need the love from your loving heart, that I may be at Peace.  Reach out, my Lord, and touch my soulReach out and draw me from the darkand let your love-light in.  Your love that fills my soul with joy, that makes the wild wind sing, in cleanness, brightness claim my soul, my loving heavenly King. 

Weekly Noon Thursday Prayers – 8th October 2020

Cornwall Faith Forum is sending warmth and courage to everyone in Cornwall. Sister Iqbal very kindly send us a prayer. This prayer is in the light of the death of Sgt. Matt Ratana. Sister Iqbal writes: “Here is a prayer from the heart”. Bismillah Inrahmaa Niraheem In the name of Allah, the most merciful &the […]