Journey to COP26 – Saturday 10th April 2021, happening wherever you are!

In the lead up to the UN Climate talks to be held in Glasgow in November, Quakers in Britain, part of the Christian faith community, have invited people of all faith communities and none to:

‘Join together remotely and share our belief in the sacredness of all life, ahead of the UN climate talks, COP26

This is a crucial time for building the movement for climate justice. People in Britain and beyond want radical action to prevent climate breakdown – and we must make sure that the UK government knows that.

We are a group of Quakers calling on all concerned communities in the UK, including people of other faiths and people of no faith, to join us on our journey of awareness, understanding and action ahead of the climate talks.

On Saturday 10th April, we invite you to participate in a celebration of our environment by making a short journey to any place that is sacred to you.  Numbers participating within your faith community are obviously dependent on Covid restrictions by then, see

Members of Cornwall Faith Forum are hoping to walk from Kenwyn, Truro, to the Dor Kemmyn Peace Field at Penmount. Meet at 10.30 am at Kenwyn Church, Truro.   We will be adhering to Covid restrictions.  Please register for this walk.  (see sheet Journey to COP26 10 April 2021 – Information FINAL for further information)*.

This action is a way for us to strengthen our collective sense of purpose in protecting the Earth and all its inhabitants.”

For more information see attached sheet and contact

Rita Stephen 07775 937485 or email


Flyer for event:  Journey to COP26 10th April 2021 FINAL


Holocaust Memorial Day Events – Sunday 24th & Wednesday 27th January 2021

Jeremy Jacobson on behalf of Kehillat Kernow (Jewish Community of Cornwall)  invites you and your colleagues and their families to:

Holocaust Memorial Service and Talk on Sunday 24 January, 5:00 p.m. via Zoom

This event will consist of the following parts:

1. Two short animations prepared by students and teachers at the University of Falmouth.

2. Candle lighting.

3. Service led by Pat Lipert and Adam Feldman, based on the Yom HaShoah service and including some additional readings from other sources.

4. Holocaust testimony of Blanka Engelberg, late mother of Kehillat Kernow member Cynthia Clare Hollinsworth.

Cynthia will share with us the testimony of her mother describing her horrific nightmare of the Nazi concentration camps including Auschwitz II (Birkenau), her remarkable story of survival and ultimately her journey to a meaningful life after liberation.

The whole event will last a little over one hour.

Please feel free to share this invitation with people you know, but please ask them to send their names to this email address if they wish to attend.

We wish to thank the Cornwall Faith Forum and Falmouth University for their co-operation in preparing our event.

Holocaust Memorial Day – Wednesday 27th January 2021

Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD)  will be on Wednesday 27 January and the theme for 2021 is ‘Be the light in the darkness’.

HMD is always held on 27 January and is, as ever, an opportunity to stand together with people of all faiths to remember the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust, alongside the millions of other people killed under Nazi Persecution and in genocides that followed in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. This year for the first time all activities will be online and the resources all reflect this.

The theme of ‘Be the light in the darkness’ encourages everyone to reflect on the depths humanity can sink to, but also the ways individuals and communities resisted that darkness to ‘be the light’ before, during and after genocide.

The UK Holocaust Memorial Day 2021 ceremony: Register for the HMD ceremony which will run from 7–8pm on 27 January and share this link with others. Encourage others in your diocese to register and join in the National Moment of Lighting the Darkness by putting a candle in a window at 8pm.


If you have any questions relating to HMD please contact Andrew Yates, Chair, Cornwall Faith Forum


Feedback from Interfaith Week 2020

We would normally have run care workshops in the hospital for members of staff. These workshops focus on caring for people of different faiths. Unfortunately, this couldn’t happen this year.

This year, The Inter-Faith Network for the UK had a very good idea. They suggested an ‘Inter-Faith Week Buddies scheme’. It involved two people of different faiths or of a particular faith and of a non-religious belief, talking together. This could be done by email, telephone, zoom or by letter.

Several questions were proposed by the Inter-Faith Network and we decided to choose two questions to focus on:

How does your faith or non-religious belief shape your daily life?

How does your faith or non-religious belief support you during difficult times?

It offered an opportunity for sharing and learning, on a one-to-one basis about what is important to us. The conversation could go anywhere.

We had a sharing about the scheme on the 3rd of December.

The people taking part were members of the Muslim and Jewish Communities and Christian and Pagan Communities and someone with an interest in all Faiths.

Everyone said that they learned a lot and really appreciated the rare opportunity to ask personal questions in a safe environment.

We also talked about what the most surprising thing was, we had learned. I learned from my Buddy that whenever times were difficult, she would pray more and ask for more help. I found that really helpful to hear because although it makes sense to pray more, it is often more difficult during times of stress and strain.

We all decided that the Inter-Faith Buddies Scheme was a good experience and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. We would like to do it again next year with more people. Please let Rita know if you are interested in taking part.

Weekly Noon Thursday Prayers – 3rd December 2020

Cornwall Faith Forum is sending love and courage to all of you. We will be able to meet in Penmount again.

There will be Thursday Noon Prayers on Thursday 3rd of December at 12:00 in our Peace Field by the Dome of Human Kindness.

Please contact Rita on if you would like to come.

On  7th November, Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sachs very sadly died.   Cornwall Faith Forum would like to thank him for his wisdom, compassion and courage.

We are very grateful to Paul who send us the quote that he received from Rabbi Sachs before his walk for Peace in 2015:

“God found only one blessing large enough to contain all other blessings – its name is peace”. (Talmud)
May your walk and your work bring us a little closer to this blessing!

Here are some more quotes (from

“The best way of breaking down barriers between people or communities is through simple, unforced acts of kindness. One act can undo years of estrangement.”

“Acts of kindness never die. They linger in the memory, giving life to other acts in return.”

“We are as great as the challenges we have the courage to undertake”

“Freedom is won by making space for the people not like us.”

Interfaith Week 8th – 15th November 2020

Interfaith Week Buddies

Inter Faith Week this year is from November 8th to 15th. Cornwall Faith Forum is inviting you to take part in an Inter Faith Buddies scheme to celebrate this important time.

The scheme involves two people of different faiths holding a conversation to share their thoughts on topics such as:  

  • How does your faith shape your daily life – including at this time of COVID-19?
  • What, in your faith encourages service to others in society?
  • Or on anything else that you might want to share experiences

This is an opportunity for sharing and learning, on a one-to-one basis across a limited period of time, about what is important to us, in the context of our wider community. The process may, of course, lead to longer term conversations and new forms of practical co-operation.

If you are interested in taking part we will require your name, and your Faith tradition and we will pair you up with a member of a different faith community within Cornwall.  You may wish to state if there any particular faith or belief background or backgrounds from which you be would be interested to have an ‘Inter Faith Week buddy’ from.  We will try and match you up but we cannot guarantee this.

Please also provide details of the means by which you are willing to make and receive contact. i.e. Phone and/ or email. In doing this you are at the same time giving your permission to share your contact email address and/or phone number with someone who would also like to be a ‘buddy’. Safeguarding is very important. Buddies should be over the age of 18 years old and commit to engage in respectful listening and dialogue. You should also respect the privacy and security of other buddies and their families.  We will email you more information on safeguarding and safety once you let us know you wish to participate.

To be involved please register at  before Thursday 29th October .

As a reminder we will require:

Your Name:  

Your Faith tradition: 

Your Phone or email address (the means by which you are willing to make and receive contact):

Whether you wish to ‘buddy up’ with someone from a particular faith or belief background:

Looking forward to hearing from you and some fruitful buddying!  For more information click HERE

Cornwall Faith Forum Annual General Meeting – Wednesday 4th November 2020

Our Annual General Meeting is going to be held on Wednesday, 4th November at 7.00 pm.  Unfortunately we will not be able to meet in person but shall spend time together via Zoom.  We will have look at our three areas of work throughout the year:  Learning, Sharing and Building for Peace, followed by the more formal part of the meeting. Do join us for this meeting by emailing and the Zoom link will be emailed onto you.

Cornwall Faith Forum Income and Expenditure 01/04/2019 – 31/03/2020:

Independent Examiners Certificate:

Notes of Annual General Meeting 30.10.2019: Notes of CFF AGM held on 30th October 2019

Consitution Chart: Constitution chart


Weekly Noon Thursday Prayers – 15th October 2020

Cornwall Faith Forum sends warmth and love to everyone in Cornwall. We need it now the Autumn has really started !!
Next time we will be meeting at Penmount will be on Thursday 29th October at 12:00 noon. Please contact Rita if you would like to come.

The prayer for today is from Gormola Kernewek – Celtic Praise – Prayers of Praise from Cornwall by Revd. Pat Robson.

You are my hiding place, O Lord. 
You know me by name. 
My thoughts and deeds are seen by you, 
and their memory brings pain. 

I come to you with a tear-worn soul, 
I come to you in grief. 

I need the love from your loving heart, 
that I may be at Peace. 

Reach out, my Lord, and touch my soul
Reach out and draw me from the dark
and let your love-light in. 

Your love that fills my soul with joy, 
that makes the wild wind sing, 
in cleanness, brightness claim my soul, 
my loving heavenly King. 

Weekly Noon Thursday Prayers – 8th October 2020

Cornwall Faith Forum is sending warmth and courage to everyone in Cornwall.

Sister Iqbal very kindly send us a prayer.

This prayer is in the light of the death of Sgt. Matt Ratana.

Sister Iqbal writes: “Here is a prayer from the heart”.

Bismillah Inrahmaa Niraheem

In the name of Allah, the most merciful &the most beneficent

Please Allah protect us from all who seek to harm those who protect us.

Bless all those who lose their lives in this service as the recent death of Sgt. Matt Ratana, lovingly known as the gentle giant.

Please Allah , Protect our families, our homes, our loved ones, the down trodden and the down and out from harm and pain and bad diseases as Corona.

Please give us strength to do good work in your name.

Please Allah forgive our mistakes and make us better in protecting each other and the beautiful world you gave us.

Forgive us and teach us to care for each other of all backgrounds and faiths and collectively protect this fragile earth.

Please let us not forget those suffering in poorer countries and in war torn countries and those affected by natural disasters as fire, flood and famines.

Allow our hands to do good deeds.

Ameen (Amen, let it be)


(Sister Iqbal Warsi (M.Phil)

Weekly Thursday Noon Prayers – 24th September 2020

Cornwall Faith Forum is sending love and courage to everyone in Cornwall. There will be a meeting at our Peace Field in Penmount today at 12:00 noon.

On Monday it was World Peace day so our prayers and reflections will focus on Peace.

Eve very kindly send us this prayer. It is the Druid Call to Peace. This is said right at the beginning of every Druid ritual in most Druid traditions, for as it says “without Peace can no work be”.


The Call to Peace

Let us begin by giving peace to the quarters,
for without peace no work can be.

Re bo kres yn kledh
May there be Peace in the North

Re bo kres yn deghow
May there be Peace in the South

Re bo kres yn howlsedhes
May there be Peace in the West

Re bo kres yn howldrevel
May there be Peace in the East

Re bo kres dres oll an norvys
May there be Peace throughout the whole world.

Kathy very kindly send us as a prayer written by Peter Millar from the Iona Community:

God of the universe,
whose light shines in every culture and tradition,
hold close to you today the many women, men and children
who give themselves in order to bring
justice and peace on this earth.

The bridge-builders, the artists, the hidden saints,
the risk-takers, the intercessors, the campaigners
and all those who will not lie down to injustice
even at the cost of their lives.

And may we ourselves be in their midst –
alive to the possibilities of your justice-filled Spirit
at the heart of creation

Peace be with you

Weekly Thursday Noon Prayers – 17th September 2020

Cornwall Faith Forum is sending love and peace to everyone in Cornwall. There will be a meeting at our Peace Field in Penmount on Thursday 24th of September at 12:00 noon. Our group can only have 6 people so please contact Rita on if you would like to join in.

Next Monday, 21st September is World Peace Day.

On this day, over the past four years in Truro and Cornwall, choirs, groups, organizations and speakers, have come together to raise awareness about World Peace Day and also to support One Day One Choir, a global choral project for peace. Over 40 choirs have taken part, with many groups involved, and over 30 people have spoken about peace and also for some, the work they are involved with to make this world a better place. Due to ‘Covid’ restrictions, here are some suggestions of how everyone can take part, on the day, or near to it, either on your own, or with a small group. Anything, anyone can do, however large or small, can help to bring about a more peaceful world.

We have a Buddhist prayer, kindly send to us by Sophie and a Reflection on Peace by Marshall Rozenberg.

Prayer from The Way of the Bodhisattva by Shantideva’s Bodhicaryavatara, 8th C.

As long as space endures,

as long as sentient being remain,

until then, may I too remain

and dispel the miseries of the world.

Paul kindly send us this Reflection on peace by Marshall B Rosenberg Ph.D who developed non-violent communication as an approach to nonviolent living developed in the beginning in the 1960s:

“Peace requires something far more difficult than revenge or merely turning the other cheek; it requires empathising with the fears and unmet needs that provide the impetus for people to attack each other. Being aware of those feelings and needs, people lose their desires to attack back because they see the human ignorance leading to those attacks. Instead, their goal becomes providing the empathetic connection and education that will enable them to transcend their violence and engage in cooperative relationships.”