Diversi-Tea – Afternoon Tea at the Dor Kemmyn Peace Field – Sunday, 12th June, 2022 at 3.00 pm

Join us for sharing tea time together!

Sunday, 12th June at 3.00 pm

at the Dor Kemmyn Peace Field, Penmount, Truro TR4 9AA

(Penmount Crematorium grounds)

Bring a plate of food from your home or faith tradition or a food which is special to you!

You may also want to bring a chair/rug to sit on.  We will have a gazebo to cater for hot and wet weather!

Everyone is very welcome.  For further information contact:

Rita Stephen  dorkemmyn.rita@btinternet.com  07775 93748

For flyer, please view:  Diversity Tea 12.06.2022 FINAL


Meditative Walk, Dor Kemmyn Field – Sunday, 10th April at 2.00 pm

We shall be undertaking a meditative walk with readings around the field on a tree theme, tying in with the Christian Faith tradition day of Palm Sunday.  This will include prayers for those who have died, given the tradition of visiting churchyards on Palm Sunday to remember loved ones who have died.

All welcome to attend.  You are welcome to bring a reading with you.  For more information please contact  Rita Stephen know dorkemmyn.rita@btinternet.com

Prayers for the World’s Future Saturday March 26th at 2.00 pm at the Dor Kemmyn Field, Penmount, Truro TR4 9AA

Cornwall Faith Forum invites you to join them for an Interfaith gathering on Saturday March 26th at 2.00 pm to show our concern for the world – in the face of the crisis of the war in Ukraine and the impact on the planet and its people  from climate change. We have invited young people from each of the faith communities to lead us in this act of solidarity.

Please come and join us and encourage others to be there to so we can make a joint commitment to work for Peace.  This event will be held around The Peace Pole in the Dor Kemmyn Field (at the Penmount Crematorium) on the outskirts of Truro.

For more information contact


For flyer click here: Prayers for Peace 26.03.2022 a

Dor Kemmyn Building Questionnaire – let us know what you think about the building project

Covid has affected us in so many ways on a personal and community level. In our Building For Peace strand things are different in several ways which means we need to revisit our original vision for the Centre for Faith and Peace such as:


  • Many Faith Communities have found they are able to worship on the internet without the need to be always together in one space.


  • The world of grants and funders is very different with a switch in priorities towards the impact of Covid.


  • The Forest For Cornwall project has planted trees covering half of the Dor Kemmyn field and so opening the possibility of partnership working on some form of building on the site.


Paul Green is helping us to work out the best way forward for our vision to create opportunities for us to meet together to share Our Common Ground. We would like to canvas as many people as possible for their views on this important decision for us as a Forum.  Please complete the short questionnaire either online  https://tinyurl.com/4yv86pu6 and encourage others to do so by Friday, 4th March.  A paper version is also available:  CFF Dor Kemmyn Questionnaire final 1


Holocaust Memorial Day 2022 – Thursday 27th January

You are invited to the Holocaust Memorial Day Service in Truro Cathedral on Thursday 27th January at 1.00 pm – 1.30 pm. This short service will be live-streamed at the same time, as below:


We have been advised that the streaming will be available to watch after the event in case you can not watch it live, but it may only be available for 24/48 hours.

Candles will be lit to remember the victims of the Holocaust and more recent genocides. Two of the animations will be shown that from part of the Holocaust Education Pack and that is kindly supported by SACRE.

There will also be an exhibition in Truro Cathedral organised by the Devon & Cornwall Police Diversity Team.

For more information please contact Rita Stephen dorkemmyn.rita@btinternet.com


In addition there will also be a service  held in Devon in Barnstaple at 7.00 pm.  Please see below:

This Thursday 27th January there will be a service at St. John the Baptist church, Newport, Barnstaple . 7pm

for Holocaust Memorial Day to remember victims of genocide during WW2 and since. Other similar events will take place world wide.  For more information please contact:

Passionate about resettling refugees?

CHARIS believes in welcoming refugees; giving them hope for the future, a place to call home, and a warm welcome in the local community.

Formed in 2016, CHARIS has pioneered and grown into one of the most experienced community sponsors in refugee resettlement in the UK.  As a Lead Sponsor focusing on the South West, CHARIS has now resettled 5 refugee families and has led the way in developing local services to support refugees on their resettlement journey.

We are seeking to respond to the growing and urgent refugee crisis by expanding our team and role as a Lead Sponsor, to support and encourage more community groups as they emerge across the South West to resettle refugee families.

We are now recruiting for two new positions

Operations Director

37.5 hrs per week

£25,000 – £30,000 per year

Taunton, Somerset

CHARIS is looking for an Operations Director to join our senior management team to direct and oversee our refugee resettlement programme.  This is an exciting and dynamic role, at the heart of the growing movement in community sponsorship for refugees; working with community groups that use CHARIS as their Lead Sponsor; and supporting refugees through their resettlement journey.

Link to Job Description – https://charisrefugees.org/operations-director


Regional Coordinator

20 hours per week

£13,500 to £15,000 per year

South West

CHARIS is looking for a Regional Coordinator to encourage, develop and support new community sponsorship groups across the South West.  Working as a partner to Reset Communities and Refugees, building regional networks and developing partnerships with others, this role will help to create and sustain the South West as a place where community sponsorship thrives and more refugees are able to call this region their home.


Link to Job Description – https://charisrefugees.org/regional-coordinator


Please send your CV to info@charisrefugees.org together with confirmation of the role you are applying for and a covering letter by 5pm on Friday, 3rd December 2021.

In your covering letter please tell us why you are suited to the position for which you are applying, your experience of management and working with refugees or vulnerable people, and what you will bring to this role.

Interviews will be held on the 13th and 14th of December 2021


Our values are core to how we work:

  • We value people

We believe that all people have equal value, and that everyone should be able to live in peace and safety.


  • We respect difference

We celebrate the richness of diversity and we believe that our lives are enhanced and deepened through relationships with those who are different.


  • We are compassionate

We believe that everyone deserves a kind and compassionate welcome.  We are generous and respectful in our support of each other, acting with integrity and honesty.


  • We care about high quality resettlement

We seek to offer the best support to refugees who come and live in our community, empowering each person to achieve their full potential and integrate well into their neighbourhood.  We seek to be person centred in all we do.


  • We are a faith-based charity and seek to be inclusive

CHARIS has been set up by people with a Christian faith.  We enjoy working with, supporting and partnering with those of other faiths, and no faith.  We respect one another’s views even if we disagree.


  • We are pioneering and responsive

We are steadfast in finding solutions to meet needs and overcome barriers.  We are committed to being innovative to ensure the mission of CHARIS is fulfilled.


By working in partnership with Reset Communities and Refugees, building regional networks and developing partnerships with others, this role will help to create and sustain the South West as a place where community sponsorship thrives and more refugees are able to call this region their home.



Cornwall Faith Forum AGM – Tuesday, 30th November at 7.00 pm at All Saints Highertown Church Hall, Truro

Tuesday, 30th November at 7.00 pm at All Saints Highertown Church Hall, Tresawls Road, Truro  TR1 3LD

We are not intending this to be a stuffy AGM – (there will be a little bit of legal admin – sharing the examined accounts and appointing trustees – if you would like to think of offering yourself in this role please get in touch with Andrew Yates for more information).  It will primarily be a social event (properly socially distanced!) with food to share and a chance to re-connect with one another.  There will also be some discussion over where we are as a Forum as we emerge from the Pandemic.

Under Learning For Peace – there are new exciting developments for members to become involved in – A This Time Tomorrow project exploring how our faith influences our daily lives ; Stories of Survival project with students studying animation at Falmouth University and new opportunities to become Faith Speakers in our schools work both physically in a school and on-line too.

With Building For Peace – there is a now new world with on-line worship and with funders severely affected by the economic crisis. We need to review the best way forward for our Dor Kemmyn vision of a Centre for Peace and Faith. Could we explore  a partnership with Forest for Cornwall who have planted trees at the Penmount field …. Might a temporary structure be favourable ……  Might we look at some of the surplus public buildings as an alternative that would not be so expensive?

Notes of last AGM held on 4th November 2020:  Notes of CFF AGM Meeting 4th November 2020 FINAL

Cornwall Faith Forum Accounts 01.04.2020 – 31.03.2021:  CFF Accounts from 01.04.20 – 31.03.21

Lots of people to talk to and lots to talk about. Please do come and join us on the 30th November.  For more information contact Andrew Yates, Chair, Cornwall Faith Forum andrew.yates@truro.anglican.org

Tree Planting during COP26 at the Dor Kemmyn Peace Field – Saturday 6th November at 2.00 pm

Members of Cornwall Faith Forum gathered together for the planting of more faith trees at the  Peace Field at Penmount including one on behalf of the Christian Community.  The tree is a native Hawthorn and chosen because of the association with the crown of thorns of Jesus and the white flowers in the Spring celebrating His resurrection.

Kathy Pope, one of the Churches Together in Cornwall reps on the Faith Forum, and Malcolm Bowers, are pictured reading a Tree Planting Prayer in honour of Laudato Si:

God of Wonder, as we gather together to bless the earth and celebrate the potential of the tree before us, we pray that it may serve as a living witness to our commitment to heal our common home through long-lasting, bold changes.

Grant us the courage to continue to take this stand for the sake of the goodness of your creation, and the inspiration and delight it provides us. Through Christ, your Son, our Lord


Also a Hindu Tree was planted as part of the celebration of Diwali.  It was a native small leaved Lime Tree with lovely radiant red bark in the winter and scented white flowers in the spring. It is a very tasty tree and had to be well protected from the deer.

The reading was in Sanskrit which was wonderful to hear.  The translation is as follows:

Lord Siva’s favourite tree is Lime tree.By having the Lime tree, Lord Siva is pleased and bestowed the power to this tree.

By merely visiting this tree one gains good fortune.

By touching the leaves and tree ones sins will be taken away.

As part of the gathering, prayers were said for the COP 26 conference and for success in the talks in Glasgow in Climate Change.

Interfaith Week 14th – 21st November – Interfaith Week Buddies

Cornwall Faith Forum (CFF) is inviting you to take part in an Inter Faith Buddies scheme.    Last year the CFF took part in the scheme and felt as it was so excellent we would run it again this year.

Hear what Jeremy Jacobson from the Jewish Faith Community says about last year:

“What on earth – or should it be ‘in earth’, or ‘in the sea’ or ‘the sky’ – is a pagan?” I asked myself when agreeing to buddy up with Eve Salthouse.  I knew about the ancient pagans of Greece and Rome, Egypt and, closer to home, of Britain and Britanny, but I had very little understanding of modern day pagans.  I was in for a revelation. Meeting up with Eve via Zoom for an hour or so turned out to be most enjoyable.  I plied her with questions and she did the same for me as we exchanged information about our respective faiths.  What struck me most was that, despite significant differences between Judaism and Paganism, the latter also embodied a moral code which has a major influence on how pagans treat other human beings and, less surprisingly for me at least, the natural world.  There are, of course, still things I don’t know or understand, but our conversation left me both enlightened and interested in learning more.  And, oh yes, did I mention that it was also a great pleasure to get to know a fellow member of the Cornwall Faith Forum? The whole experience left me with a warm feeling of shared humanity. Try it for yourself!”

The scheme involves two people of different faiths holding a conversation to share their thoughts on topics such as:

  • How does your faith shape your daily life?
  • What, in your faith encourages service to others in society?
  • Or on anything else that you might want to share experiences

This is an opportunity for sharing and learning, on a one-to-one basis, by any means you like across a limited period of time, about what is important to us, in the context of our wider community. The process may, of course, lead to longer term conversations and new forms of practical co-operation.

If you are interested in taking part please send an email to cornwall.faithforum@truro.anglican.org with your name, and your Faith tradition and we will pair you up with a member of a different faith community within Cornwall.  You may wish to state if there any particular faith or belief background or backgrounds from which you be would be interested to have an ‘Inter Faith Week buddy’ from.  We will try and match you up but we cannot guarantee this.

For more information please click Inter Faith Week buddies 2021

Further information also from Rita Stephen dorkemmyn.rita@btinternet.com

Dialogue on Conceptions of the Divine – Sunday, 24th October

Cornwall Faith Forum and Kehillat Kernow are warmly welcoming you to a Dialogue on Conceptions of the Divine:

Sunday 24th of October between 14:00 and 16:30.

Chacewater Village Hall, Church Hill, Chacewater, Truro TR4 8PZ

It will be a hybrid event and it will be possible to join by Zoom.

There will be a chance to socialise and share tea/coffee and cake together.  There will be four speakers at the event as follows:

Jewish Speaker – Carolyn Shapiro

Muslim Speaker – Mohammad Abusara

Christian Speaker – Kathy Pope

Buddhist Speaker – Sophie Muir

All welcome to attend.  Please register for attendance either in person or via Zoom via the link below (or that on the flyer):

Dialogue on the Conception of the Divine – Booking by Bookwhen

The events will form part of the European Days of Jewish Culture and Heritage.  For more information please contact Rita Stephen dorkemmyn.rita@btinternet.com

Flyer:  Dialogue on Conceptions of the Divine 24.10.21 FINAL