Faith Workshop – Trewirgie Junior School

Hello. My name is Patrick Richardson in year ten at Penrice Academy. I am currently working with the Cornwall Faith Forum for my work experience week. I am the first student they have ever had on work experience and this is my blog of the entire week. Yesterday on day one of the week, (Monday 18th July 2016) four members of the CFF as well as myself went to Trewirgie Junior School in Redruth. This was to teach the year five students about a theme of peace, morality and humanity that intertwines all faiths and none.
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Happy New Year

Building for Peace…….

Learning for Peace…….

Sharing for Peace……..,

Happy New Year to all of you.

We would like to thank all our wonderful faith speakers for all their hard work during 2015.

We have a very full and exiting educational programme for 2016: workshops in primary and secondary schools, workshops for Cornwall College and workshops for carers in Cornwall, NHS staff and Religious Education teachers. We are very much looking forward to working with Pencalenick School and Roseland School in the next few weeks.

During this very dark time of the year, we need to stay united and keep going.


Exciting to be back at work!

Dear Friends,  Hope you are enjoying the beautiful Cornish sunshine. I am coming back to work from today which is very exciting.

Very many thanks to all our amazing Faith Speakers and Rosey and Andrew for keeping all the education work going whilst i have been away. Looking forward to the Dor Kemmyn walk on Saturday and to making cob bricks and the lovely fundraising dinner in May and all the other events coming up………

Women Weaving Wisdom …. How the project is progressing

Rosey Sanders reports ……… Rita has been busy with the weaving project. She has taken the rug around to 2 children’s centres attached to Truro primary schools, the Inspiring Women’s Network film night as well as the rug being passed around women to work on in their own homes.

A great design has been created. It involves the elements of fire and water, together with a tree bearing fruits with women reaching up to pick them. A variety of materials have been used including wool, netting, ribbon and cut up cotton fabrics. Some of the fabrics have a special attachment to individuals some including pieces of bridesmaids dresses and alike.

The ‘weavers’ together have shared stories about faith, important people in their lives, and just generally sharing time together. The weaving has proved to be a therapeutic time together, taking time getting to know one another and being creative.

It is hoped that the rug will be part of a travelling roadshow with other rugs which will be included in a yurt. Time is short as we have get the rug finished by the end of February. If anyone would like to take part please contact Rita at

You can read more about the project which was started in Bradford – Weaving Women’s Wisdom

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of you.

Have you seen our new thought for the week? Every week a new thoughtful gift from one of our faith communities. Many thanks for your support.

Our new weaving project is starting off this month and we are working with the Inspiring Women Network. Women and girls of different faiths are invited to join together to share their wisdom, to have creative conversations and to have fun. We will start with conversations about wisdom and remember wise people that have influenced our lives and faith. These conversations will inspire the rug’s design. The idea for this project has come from Barbara Glasson at the Touchstone project in Bradford. Once the rug is finished it will become part of the carpet of a yurt (see picture). The yurt will come to Cornwall during the summer and we will all be invited to take of our shoes and walk into the yurt reflecting on wisdom, wise stories and the people that have inspired us………………


Weaving Wisdom

Wisdom is a common thread within all faiths.

We have an exciting new project for the dark winter months: Weaving Women’s Wisdom. Women and girls from different backgrounds and faiths are invited to join together to share their wisdom, to have creative conversations and to have fun! The project has been set by the Touchstone Project in Bradford led by Rev. Barbara Glasson. You might remember her as a very inspiring speaker at our Cornwall Faith Forum Conference during Inter-Faith week 2013.

We are invited to make beautiful rugs which will be combined to make a travelling exhibition. We will first start with conversations around wisdom, remember wise women that have influenced our lives and faith and share stories. These conversations will inspire the rug’s design. The touchstone project is providing a canvas and starter kit and we can bring in colourful materials like ribbon, fabric, beads, buttons and photographs. Imagination is more important than expertise…… If you would like to get involved please contact Rita on…

Wisdom is a common thread within all faiths.


Celebration of Faith Diversity in Cornwall


Three hundred primary school pupils had a wonderful day on Tuesday 21th of October. They attended eight different workshopson on festivals from the following faiths: the Baha’i Faith, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan and Sikh, Very many thanks to our wonderful volunteers for all their hard work in preparing and presenting the workshops. Every room had different colours, smells and atmospheres which engaged all the senses of the pupils and teachers. Teachers from King Charles School in Falmouth said that “The event was very welcoming and the pupils clearly enjoyed all workshops. The day was organised extremely well and lots of questions from the children has given us lots to take back into the class room”………..

Celebration of Eid-ul-Adha on a gorgeous day


Yesterday, we celebrated Eid-ul-Adha (the end of the Haj pilgrimage) at Penmount. It was a beautiful still day and the wooden outline of the Inter-faith Centre looked inviting. As we arrived to set up our gazebo, Steve from Penmount Crematorium was mowing a path and was bringing chairs. A party was about to start and then gorgeous food started arriving.  Mubeen welcomed everyone by talking about the Haj Pilgrimage and by explaining how important it is to celebrate together. Thanks very much to everyone who came along, it was wonderful to see new families and thanks to everyone for bringing great food: all homemade and recipes from all over the world.  Some of our guests expected to see a building but were lovely and flexible and enjoyed an open-air party in our field. Thanks to everyone for coming and for all the good wishes…….

Celebration of Faith Diversity – 21st October at Truro School

Cornwall Faith Forum are looking forward to welcoming schools in the mid of the County to the Celebration of Faith Diversity day this year being held at Truro School, Truro.  The theme for the day will be ‘A year in the life of different Faith Traditions in Cornwall’.  There will be 8 workshops covering all the faiths in Cornwall.  The workshops will be interactive and informative for the year 5-6 children attending.

We are looking for volunteers to assist with chaperoning the children around the workshops and helping with the refreshments as well as other roles.  If you could help and volunteer we would love to hear from you.  Please contact Rita  or telephone 0777 593 7485.

Please view flyer for further information Celebration of Faith Diversity, Truro – Primary School Event 21.10.14

Back from Sweden


Kathy and i  have just come back from Sweden, far colder than in Cornwall with stunning birch-trees. The conference we were invited to focused on Inter-faith dialogue in practice and we were very warmly welcomed by the Diocese of Strangnas (the sister dioces of the Diocese of Truro) and well looked after. We heard about fantastic work being than in southern Sweden and in Finland with people from different faiths, in particular working with refugees. We met lovely people from Bedford, Leicester and Luton who have set up basketball and cricket clubs and singing clubs for teenagers and children from local areas with a range of faiths. More news about other projects from the conference later.  Everyone was very happy to hear about the Dor Kemmyn project and the Inter-faith Centre and so hopefully next summer there will be a group of friendly people from the conference to make earth-bricks. The photo shows Canon dr. Andrew Wingate from Leicester who is an inspirtional speaker and who had the idea for the conference, The Bishop of Bedford, Tt Rev Richard Atkinson and Mr Dilwar Hussein, founder of New Horizons in Islam in Leicester. It was very special to be able to take part in the conference…………