Women Weaving Wisdom …. How the project is progressing

Rosey Sanders reports ……… Rita has been busy with the weaving project. She has taken the rug around to 2 children’s centres attached to Truro primary schools, the Inspiring Women’s Network film night as well as the rug being passed around women to work on in their own homes.

A great design has been created. It involves the elements of fire and water, together with a tree bearing fruits with women reaching up to pick them. A variety of materials have been used including wool, netting, ribbon and cut up cotton fabrics. Some of the fabrics have a special attachment to individuals some including pieces of bridesmaids dresses and alike.

The ‘weavers’ together have shared stories about faith, important people in their lives, and just generally sharing time together. The weaving has proved to be a therapeutic time together, taking time getting to know one another and being creative.

It is hoped that the rug will be part of a travelling roadshow with other rugs which will be included in a yurt. Time is short as we have get the rug finished by the end of February. If anyone would like to take part please contact Rita at rita@dorkemmyn.org.uk

You can read more about the project which was started in Bradford – Weaving Women’s Wisdom