Dor Kemmyn Building Questionnaire – let us know what you think about the building project

Covid has affected us in so many ways on a personal and community level. In our Building For Peace strand things are different in several ways which means we need to revisit our original vision for the Centre for Faith and Peace such as:


  • Many Faith Communities have found they are able to worship on the internet without the need to be always together in one space.


  • The world of grants and funders is very different with a switch in priorities towards the impact of Covid.


  • The Forest For Cornwall project has planted trees covering half of the Dor Kemmyn field and so opening the possibility of partnership working on some form of building on the site.


Paul Green is helping us to work out the best way forward for our vision to create opportunities for us to meet together to share Our Common Ground. We would like to canvas as many people as possible for their views on this important decision for us as a Forum.  Please complete the short questionnaire either online and encourage others to do so by Friday, 4th March.  A paper version is also available:  CFF Dor Kemmyn Questionnaire final 1


Journey to COP26 – Saturday 10th April 2021, happening wherever you are!

In the lead up to the UN Climate talks to be held in Glasgow in November, Quakers in Britain, part of the Christian faith community, have invited people of all faith communities and none to:

‘Join together remotely and share our belief in the sacredness of all life, ahead of the UN climate talks, COP26

This is a crucial time for building the movement for climate justice. People in Britain and beyond want radical action to prevent climate breakdown – and we must make sure that the UK government knows that.

We are a group of Quakers calling on all concerned communities in the UK, including people of other faiths and people of no faith, to join us on our journey of awareness, understanding and action ahead of the climate talks.

On Saturday 10th April, we invite you to participate in a celebration of our environment by making a short journey to any place that is sacred to you.  Numbers participating within your faith community are obviously dependent on Covid restrictions by then, see

Members of Cornwall Faith Forum are hoping to walk from Kenwyn, Truro, to the Dor Kemmyn Peace Field at Penmount. Meet at 10.30 am at Kenwyn Church, Truro.   We will be adhering to Covid restrictions.  Please register for this walk.  (see sheet Journey to COP26 10 April 2021 – Information FINAL for further information)*.

This action is a way for us to strengthen our collective sense of purpose in protecting the Earth and all its inhabitants.”

For more information see attached sheet and contact

Rita Stephen 07775 937485 or email


Flyer for event:  Journey to COP26 10th April 2021 FINAL


Cornish Christmas Giving Catalogue 2020

The Cornwall Faith Forum are proud to promote this year’s Cornish Christmas Giving Catalogue.  It features 20 charitable organisations and all of Cornwall’s foodbanks, the catalogue provides an opportunity to give a gift of hope to someone in Cornwall this Christmas by giving a gift of love to friends and family.

The Rt Revd Philip Mounstephen, Bishop of Truro welcomes readers to this year’s catalogue. He says: “This year, 2020, has been a year like no other. None of us, at the beginning, could have predicted the significant impact Covid-19 would have had upon us. For me, one of the most striking and alarming features of it was the way in which it magnified existing inequalities. Put simply, the poorer and more vulnerable you were already, the more likely you were to succumb to the virus. That is not a situation any of us should be content with. And of course the ongoing economic effects of the pandemic will be felt most severely by those who are least able to cope with them.

To view the Catalogue please click HERE

1. Harbour Housing

Provides accommodation, advice and support to those experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness across Cornwall. The charity has eight properties and also runs an outreach service to prevent those vulnerably housed in the community from losing their accommodation.

2. Cornwall Refuge Trust
Provides a safe supportive environment for men, women and children who have escaped domestic abuse. They offer support and advice, empowering survivors of domestic abuse for a safer and happier future.

3. Truro Homeless Action Group (THAG)
Provides a warm welcome, food and shelter and a regular and safe place for the homeless and vulnerably housed to meet. Around 35 volunteers regularly give two hours a week to provide free cooked breakfasts, seven days a week, 365 days a year. On Christmas Day and Boxing Day we offer a turkey lunch with all the trimmings.

4. Gershie Project
Aims to help people who are lonely, socially excluded, rurally isolated and people whose lack of interaction with others is negatively impacting upon their lives.

5. Backpack Beds
Provide shelter that can help improve the lives of people who face the prospect of rough sleeping on the streets of Cornwall. Cornwall Independent Poverty Forum (CIPF) has distributing over 200 Backpack Beds, in conjunction with key partners who provide support for the homeless in the county.

6. DISC Newquay
Works closely with agencies, organisations and concerned individuals in the Newquay area to help vulnerable people who are either homeless or in danger of becoming homeless.

7. St Petrocs
Believes homelessness shouldn’t be an issue in our society today. We are working to end street homelessness in Cornwall. We do this by providing accommodation, support and advice to people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Our work primarily changes the lives of those we support by creating a foundation to move forward.

8. Growing Links CIC’s Street Food Project
Is a hot meal service that operates seven night’s a week, 365 days a year. This volunteer-led service was created to support Penzance’s homeless and/or vulnerably housed, as well as families and individuals suffering
from poverty. It is not unusual to serve 40 guests a night.

9. The CHAOS Group
Comprises of seven partners, working hard to support everyone in the community.

10. Cornwall Community Foundation
Aims to improve the lives of others in Cornwall, those who are isolated, disadvantaged and vulnerable.

11. Cornwall Prayer Shawls
Wanting to do something to help reach out to the lonely, socially excluded and the homeless and inspired by the Prayer Shawl Ministry in America, Jackie Holden and a small team of knitters started Cornwall Prayer Shawls.

12. Samaritans of Cornwall at Truro
In today’s increasingly stressful and hectic world, more and more people are looking to Samaritans as a means of helping them cope with day-to-day issues, crises and disasters.

13. Hidden Help
Primary purpose is to help transfer unused and/ or unwanted household goods from those that have them, to those who need them.

14. The Rusty Bucket
Was established in 2008 to serve the fishing village of Looe, South East Cornwall. We have a special interest in supporting the vulnerable and marginalised adult population – quietly moving people from the streets into accommodation, into work and supporting those battling areas of addiction – all at a local level.

15. Rebuild South West
Run by ex-military personnel, works with individuals to restore lives, rebuild properties, and bring social improvement.

16. Newquay Community Orchard
Is a beautiful seven-acre community space for people and for nature, designed to provide environmental education, employability training, community events and a space where visitors of all kinds can enjoy peace and sanctuary.

17. The PZ@PZ Playzone
Offers a safe much valued indoor space for children to play and for parents, grandparents and carers to meet and be offered support. COVID means we have to run differently – and need extra funds for cleaning and for new appropriate equipment.

18. Drama Express
Is Cornwall’s only drama group for children with complex needs such as autism, sensory impairments, limited mobility and health/ medical conditions. Coached and nurtured by a team of dedicated volunteers each child is encouraged to reach their potential through singing, dancing and acting.

19. Quiet Connections
Helps people who feel socially anxious to stop panicking and feel more calm and confident in social situations, so they can finally speak up, join in and feel like they truly belong.

20. Bosence Farm Community
Provides residential rehabilitation and clinical detoxification for people with severe drug or alcohol dependency.

Cornish Food Banks
Have remained open during the Covid-19 crisis, providing food parcels to those families and individuals who cannot afford basic groceries.

#Black Lives Matter

The Cornwall Faith Forum is very saddened about the building up of intolerance around us and our thoughts are with everyone in America and the rest of the world where we see injustice related to faith, race, colour and sexual orientation.

The current Coronavirus crises fuels the fear of the visitor, stranger and names big groups of people as other.  It is very important at present that we stand strong together as members of the one human race.

Some of our recent prayers:

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that”.  Martin Luther King

“We must cry out against injustice or by our silence consent to it. If we keep silent, the very stones of the street will cry out”. Dorothy Day

“If we are to have peace on earth …. our loyalties must transcend our race, our tribe, our class, and our nation, and this means we must develop a world perspective”.  Martin Luther King


Prayers from Corrymeela

God of righteous anger,
God of rippling peace:
somewhere, far from sight,
the tempestuous sea and
this quiet bay connect
in one great body of water,
linked to rivers and streams
that extend a backward reach
to headwaters far beyond our shore.
May we on this earth, separated
by vastly different experiences,
kept apart by distance and
the barriers we make,
be united by your spirit,
that the pain of one
might be borne by all
through the channels of your peace.


God of law,
God of order:
sometimes there are no words
for the vanity on display.
Remind us that when we use your name
for loveless purposes that divide,
we speak a clanging noise
and your voice cannot be heard.


International Peace Prayer

Lead me from death to life,  from falsehood to truth.

Lead me from despair to hope, from fear to trust.

Lead me from hate to love, from war to peace.

Let peace fill our heart, our world, our universe.

Peace.  Peace.  Peace.

Rebuilding the Dome of Human Kindness

Rebuilding the Dome of Human Kindness
The Cornwall Faith Forum is excited about the rebuilding of the Dome of Human Kindness sculpture. Read all about Tom Henderson’s inspiring story of creating the Dome as a life size sculpture with its original art work and unique space inside for reflection. We  have until 9th October to achieve the fund raising goal.  To get involved and find out more click HERE

How to purchase – Sacred Sound, Common Ground CD

‘Bringing people together of different faiths and beliefs’

Don’t miss out! The Dor Kemmyn CD is now available.  There are 21 tracks from the seven faiths – Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan,  including two collective pieces.

Each CD sold will raise funds for the Dor Kemmyn building.  The cost of the CD is £10.00 which can be purchased from:

Church House, Woodlands Court, Truro Business Park, Threemilestone, Truro TR4 9NH.  Cash or cheque received (made payable to the Cornwall Faith Forum).

You can also purchase the CD from our online shop via Paypal, at a cost of £12.50.

If you require any further information please email:

or telephone Church House 01872 274351 Ext 238

Launch of Sacred Sound, Common Ground CD – 10th September

There was an air of anticipation and excitement as people entered the Chapter House at Truro Cathedral for the launch of the Dor Kemmyn CD – Sacred Sound, Common Ground. The CD had been five years in the making and now it was time to unveil it. More and more came into the Chapter House so much so that the circular shape of chairs had to be extended several times to accommodate more people coming in.

The opening and welcome was led by Revd Canon Alan Bashforth from the Cathedral and Rita Stephen the Cornwall Faith Forum’s Interfaith Worker. Robbie Breadon read his poem Common Ground:

“Each of us was born from the soil of this land
To breathe the same air, drink the same water”

(see   for full version)
The seven faiths then shared readings on the theme of Harmony which was thought provoking and compelling. If one closed your eyes you could be forgiven for not knowing which reading came from which faith.

Sophie Muir, whose brainchild the CD was then described the different settings where the CD was recorded ranging from people’s homes, Paul Church and to inside the fugue at Carn Euny. There are contributions from each faith on the CD and two collective pieces as well. Sound recordist Michael Tingle had played a vital part, as too Danu who oversaw and gave musical guidance to the artists.

At this part of the evening Danu then led everyone to try and re-create the first song on the CD ‘Unita’. Everyone was then invited to hum together at the note of ‘G’ which provided a constant musical background, which was then interspersed with individuals singing solo within the circular context. It was very powerful and has to be experienced – listen to the first track on the CD.

We then shared time together in fellowship, tea and cakes, catching up with old, and making new friends, with the sale of the cakes going to the charity Emmaus which are currently helping with the Refugee Crisis.

Revd Andrew Yates then drew us together again and reminded us that the date of today’s launch was significant because it was on the eve of 9/11. This was followed by silence by all. We then closed with the International Peace Prayer:
Lead me from death to life,
from falsehood to truth.

Lead me from despair to hope,
from fear to trust.

Lead me from hate to love,
from war to peace.

Let peace fill our heart,
our world, our universe.

Peace. Peace. Peace.

Sacred Sound, Common Ground is priced £10.00 available from Church House, Woodlands Court, Truro Business Par, Threemilestone, Truro TR4 9NH (01872 274351), or shortly by PayPal for £12.50 (to include P&P).

Image above:  Sophie Muir, whose vision was of that of the CD.

Dome of Human Kindness

Build your dome and ponder on the way that everything is inter-related and raise funds for the Cornwall Faith Forum too!

“It’s not every day that a piece of art I made more than forty years ago takes on a new lease of life. This however is exactly what has happened for me through being involved in the Faith Forum”, writes Tom Henderson Smith.

“The fact that I’d rediscovered a student art project that has faith themes at its heart during my move from St Just to St Columb in 2013 and wanting to help raise funds for the Dor Kemmyn project recently came together in the creation of a model kit, The Dome of Human Kindness. The original piece was something I made while studying art in Italy in 1972. The wonders of the digital age we now live in mean that I’ve been able to put together this six page kit, now beautifully printed by Monkey Puzzle printers of Porthtowan on 100% recycled locally milled drawing cartridge in an initial edition of 250 copies.

The eighteen triangular mural panels that make up the whole dome, inspired by historic fresco paintings in Tuscany that I had seen while studying there, use interwoven elements from the tales of St Martin and the beggar, the good Samaritan and the prodigal son to explore the way that everything in life is inter-related.

Making up the model can be an intriguing experience of exploring these themes for yourself and all the proceeds from sales of the kit will go towards funding Dor Kemmyn!”

The Dome of Human Kindness kit is now available for £4.95 with a special price of £2.95 each for schools. You can order the kit either from Cornwall Faith Forum or from . Cheques are to be made payable to the Cornwall Faith Forum.