Dor Kemmyn Building Questionnaire – let us know what you think about the building project

Covid has affected us in so many ways on a personal and community level. In our Building For Peace strand things are different in several ways which means we need to revisit our original vision for the Centre for Faith and Peace such as:


  • Many Faith Communities have found they are able to worship on the internet without the need to be always together in one space.


  • The world of grants and funders is very different with a switch in priorities towards the impact of Covid.


  • The Forest For Cornwall project has planted trees covering half of the Dor Kemmyn field and so opening the possibility of partnership working on some form of building on the site.


Paul Green is helping us to work out the best way forward for our vision to create opportunities for us to meet together to share Our Common Ground. We would like to canvas as many people as possible for their views on this important decision for us as a Forum.  Please complete the short questionnaire either online and encourage others to do so by Friday, 4th March.  A paper version is also available:  CFF Dor Kemmyn Questionnaire final 1