Dome of Human Kindness

Build your dome and ponder on the way that everything is inter-related and raise funds for the Cornwall Faith Forum too!

“It’s not every day that a piece of art I made more than forty years ago takes on a new lease of life. This however is exactly what has happened for me through being involved in the Faith Forum”, writes Tom Henderson Smith.

“The fact that I’d rediscovered a student art project that has faith themes at its heart during my move from St Just to St Columb in 2013 and wanting to help raise funds for the Dor Kemmyn project recently came together in the creation of a model kit, The Dome of Human Kindness. The original piece was something I made while studying art in Italy in 1972. The wonders of the digital age we now live in mean that I’ve been able to put together this six page kit, now beautifully printed by Monkey Puzzle printers of Porthtowan on 100% recycled locally milled drawing cartridge in an initial edition of 250 copies.

The eighteen triangular mural panels that make up the whole dome, inspired by historic fresco paintings in Tuscany that I had seen while studying there, use interwoven elements from the tales of St Martin and the beggar, the good Samaritan and the prodigal son to explore the way that everything in life is inter-related.

Making up the model can be an intriguing experience of exploring these themes for yourself and all the proceeds from sales of the kit will go towards funding Dor Kemmyn!”

The Dome of Human Kindness kit is now available for £4.95 with a special price of £2.95 each for schools. You can order the kit either from Cornwall Faith Forum or from . Cheques are to be made payable to the Cornwall Faith Forum.