The Baha’is celebrate Ridvan Holy Day with the Cornwall Faith Forum – April 2020

Baha’i’s celebrate eleven Holy Days each year and three of them fall within the current  Ridvan period of about two weeks. It is regarded by Baha’is as the Holiest period in the Calendar. The Divine Springtime.

The first of the three Holy Days commemorate Baha’u’llah declaring His Mission in the beautiful Garden of Ridvan  along the river Tigris near modern day Baghdad . He had been banished there from Persia, the land of His Birth.  The last Holy Day of the Ridvan period  is to mark a further exile of the Holy family to Constantinople in modern day Turkey; preceding by a few  years Baha’u’llah’s final expulsion, to the Prison city of Acca, in the Holy Land, where He remained a prisoner until the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

Once free Baha’u’llah planted His tent on Mount Carmel and this is where Baha’is  travel for Pilgrimage today .

Ridvan represents a joyful time of renewal and last year at Café Chaos, the Baha’i Community were delighted to celebrate Ridvan with friends of all Faiths and none with the Cornwall Faith Forum . As well as prayers and readings ,  music resounded and a beautiful ‘ carpet’ was made from real petals.

Café Chaos in Truro and a partner of the CFF kindly provided the venue and  the flower carpet was displayed there until they inevitably faded!

We are a small Baha’i group in Cornwall and we were, like so many people , disappointed that due to the Lockdown ,we were not able to share this special time in the Baha’i year with each other and,  importantly to us,  with  our CFF friends. But,  as always within our inter faith group,  goodwill and unity prevailed and CFF friends sent in kind wishes and some  friends were able to join the Baha’is in a Zoom link up where we shared prayers; an historical account  of the Holy Day, music and finally personal reflections of this time.