Weekly Thursday Noon Prayer Time – 26th March 2020

Dear Friends

The Baha’i Community are sending warmest wishes to you all during these unprecedented difficult times. We need to muster all of our common ground – (Dor Kemmyn ), in the days to come and stand and pray together .

Rita Stephen , our Project worker has come up with the wonderful idea of each Faith /Belief tradition producing a short piece of inspirational writing followed by a prayer each week . The Baha’i community are honoured to offer you a couple of prayers this first week . We offer them for all of you , your family and friends and this great body we call Humanity , who is sorely afflicted , wherever we look , during these days.

In the Baha’i Faith we often draw a comparison between the human body and the whole of Humankind . In our human body , if any part is hurting – be it a pain in a big toe; a headache ; a pain in the stomach , it can and does affect our whole body including our brain and our attitude to life. So , it is with humanity. As our brothers and sisters from every tribe, race and religion possible across the globe, are suffering now , we remember them all as well as those closer to home.

It did not take me long to choose the first prayer during these days when we can no longer enter our churches, mosques, synagogues , temples and even the outdoors is restricted by number of people. It is a prayer which expresses how we can , in fact, pray , wherever we are.

The second one relates to our suffering and need for assistance during the present time.

Please join us , in prayer , wherever you may be , at 12 noon each Thursday .

Bahá’í Prayers

“Blessed is the spot, and the house, and the place, and the city, and the heart, and the mountain, and the refuge, and the cave, and the valley, and the land, and the sea, and the island, and the meadow where mention of God hath been made, and His praise glorified.” —Bahá’u’lláh


O my Lord! Thou knowest that the people are encircled with pain and calamities and are environed with hardships and trouble. Every trial doth attack man and every dire adversity doth assail him like unto the assault of a serpent. There is no shelter and asylum for him except under the wing of Thy protection, preservation, guard and custody.

O Thou the Merciful One! O my Lord! Make Thy protection my armor, Thy preservation my shield, humbleness before the door of Thy oneness my guard, and Thy custody and defense my fortress and my abode. Preserve me from the suggestions of self and desire, and guard me from every sickness, trial, difficulty and ordeal.

Verily, Thou art the Protector, the Guardian, the Preserver, the Sufficer, and verily, Thou art the Merciful of the Most Merciful. – ‘Abdu’l-Bahá