Weekly Noon Thursday Prayers – 29th October 2020

Cornwall Faith Forum sends warmth and love to everyone in Cornwall. We need it now the Autumn has really started.

Andrew kindly sent us the following prayer which is used during Harvest Time.


Lord for the years

Verse 1

Lord, for the years

your love has kept and guided,

urged and inspired us,

cheered us on our way,

sought us and saved us,

pardoned and provided:

Lord of the years,

we bring our thanks today.


Verse 2

Lord, for that word,

the word of life which fires us,

speaks to our hearts

and sets our souls ablaze,

teaches and trains,

rebukes us and inspires us:

Lord of the word,

receive your people’s praise.


Verse 3

Lord, for our land

in this our generation,

spirits oppressed by

pleasure, wealth and care:

for young and old,

for commonwealth and nation,

Lord of our land,

be pleased to hear our prayer.


Verse 4

Lord, of our world

where men disown and doubt you,

loveless in strength,

and comfortless in pain,

hungry and helpless,

lost indeed without you;

Lord of the world,

we pray that Christ may reign.


Eve also very kindly send us a prayer for the festival of Samhain.

At this time of Samhain we welcome our beloved dead. We thank them for their gifts they have brought us, both in life and in spirit. We share a meal with our honoured ancestors, tokens of our love and gratitude, symbols of earth which connect us. As we eat and drink, we hold them close in our hearts, close in our circle. We will speak their names aloud to welcome and honour them.

Samhain prayer.

O Ancestors known and unknown, ancestors of my body, ancestors of my spirit, all those who have given form to my life, who have made me who and what I am, body and soul. Mothers of mine! Fathers of mine! Teachers! Guides! Healers! Showers of the way to go ……and of the way not to go! All you whose Fire is in me, whose Water is in me, whose Air is in me, whose Earth is in me…all you whose Spirit is in me! On this night of Samhain I feel you near. At this time of no time I call to you.

I thank you for the gifts you have given me, of body and mind, of will and heart. By your presence is my spirit blessed.