Weekly Noon Thursday Prayers – 8th October 2020

Cornwall Faith Forum is sending warmth and courage to everyone in Cornwall.

Sister Iqbal very kindly send us a prayer.

This prayer is in the light of the death of Sgt. Matt Ratana.

Sister Iqbal writes: “Here is a prayer from the heart”.

Bismillah Inrahmaa Niraheem

In the name of Allah, the most merciful &the most beneficent

Please Allah protect us from all who seek to harm those who protect us.

Bless all those who lose their lives in this service as the recent death of Sgt. Matt Ratana, lovingly known as the gentle giant.

Please Allah , Protect our families, our homes, our loved ones, the down trodden and the down and out from harm and pain and bad diseases as Corona.

Please give us strength to do good work in your name.

Please Allah forgive our mistakes and make us better in protecting each other and the beautiful world you gave us.

Forgive us and teach us to care for each other of all backgrounds and faiths and collectively protect this fragile earth.

Please let us not forget those suffering in poorer countries and in war torn countries and those affected by natural disasters as fire, flood and famines.

Allow our hands to do good deeds.

Ameen (Amen, let it be)


(Sister Iqbal Warsi (M.Phil)