Weekly Thursday Noon Prayers – 24th September 2020

Cornwall Faith Forum is sending love and courage to everyone in Cornwall. There will be a meeting at our Peace Field in Penmount today at 12:00 noon.

On Monday it was World Peace day so our prayers and reflections will focus on Peace.

Eve very kindly send us this prayer. It is the Druid Call to Peace. This is said right at the beginning of every Druid ritual in most Druid traditions, for as it says “without Peace can no work be”.


The Call to Peace

Let us begin by giving peace to the quarters,
for without peace no work can be.

Re bo kres yn kledh
May there be Peace in the North

Re bo kres yn deghow
May there be Peace in the South

Re bo kres yn howlsedhes
May there be Peace in the West

Re bo kres yn howldrevel
May there be Peace in the East

Re bo kres dres oll an norvys
May there be Peace throughout the whole world.

Kathy very kindly send us as a prayer written by Peter Millar from the Iona Community:

God of the universe,
whose light shines in every culture and tradition,
hold close to you today the many women, men and children
who give themselves in order to bring
justice and peace on this earth.

The bridge-builders, the artists, the hidden saints,
the risk-takers, the intercessors, the campaigners
and all those who will not lie down to injustice
even at the cost of their lives.

And may we ourselves be in their midst –
alive to the possibilities of your justice-filled Spirit
at the heart of creation

Peace be with you