Weekly Thursday Noon Prayers & Reflection – 27th August 2020

On Thursday 27th August, we will be meeting at Penmount again for Thursday Noon Prayers at 12:00 noon.

We will be able to be with the Dome of Human Kindness, very kindly donated to Cornwall Faith Forum by Tom Henderson. Please contact Rita on dorkemmyn.rita@btinternet.com 07775 9374865 if you would like to come.

Jeremy form Kehillat Kernow kindly sent us the following very important reflection:

There are currently more than 1,000,000 Uyghurs being detained in Xinjiang, in China. They are a Muslim minority who have had a difficult history in China, with independence being a contentious factor. They have been oppressed with bans on praying, fasting on Ramadan, wearing veils and growing beards, for years. Now,many are being held in brainwashing camps, where the main aim is to ensure adherence to Chinese Communist Party ideology. Families have been separated, mothers and fathers are left in despair with no contact with their children nor no knowledge of where they are.

It seems that a cultural genocide is taking place. A new generation will emerge, cut off from their roots, religious beliefs and language.

I think of my family who had to flee Holland, Hungary and Iraq in the last century, just because of their religion.

How is it that in the 21st century our rights are still defined by religion?
…China may seem far and distant, but this is not a reason to stand back and watch human dignity disintegrate. It’s time for the Jewish community to join forces, to do the right thing, to fight against the persecution of the Uyghurs.
I am a practising and proud Jew today thanks to a Christian couple who decided they were not going to look blindly at the horrors of the Holocaust. They bravely hid my grandmother, while risking their own lives. Last year, when I stood at Yad Vashem and proudly witnessed the couple being honoured as The Righteous of The Nations, I made a pledge to myself that when a religion was oppressed I would stand up and make a difference…
… As Edmund Burke famously said:“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Emmanuelle Benjamin (Student)