Weekly Thursday Noon Time Prayers – 23rd April 2020

The Cornwall Faith Forum sends love, strength and prayers in these difficult times to everyone in Cornwall.

This week’s  prayer below is from the Buddhist Community in Cornwall, kindly sent to us by Sophie Muir.

It is the Tara Mandala and you are invited to please join in reciting the mantra of the 20th Tara, to bring relief to the suffering in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The 20th Tara, Ritrö Loma Gyönma, is known as the Tara who gives protection against diseases and epidemics. She is a Tara of the forest and wears medicinal leaves as her clothing.

Her mantra is:

How to do the practice:

Visualize yourself as, peaceful and yellow-red like saffron. Upon the Utpala flower at her ear is a medicinal vessel filled with nectar, the zamatog. From the moon in her left eye descends a rich stream of golden nectar, healing all forms of disease. Light blazes from the sun in her right eye, burning contagious diseases and that which causes them. From her heart and the beams of light from her eyes imagine healing and blessings for the world and all beings.

Count your mantras and offer them to our global total.

Visit this link www.taramandala.org/Tara20/ where you can submit your mantra counts and find practice support materials, including a video of Dorje Lopön Chandra Easton’s Livestream introducing us to this practice, which was announced a few hours ago today.

If you are on Facebook, please submit your mantra counts in the COMMENTS of the post at this link (https://www.facebook.com/taramandala.org/posts/10156620485081260 ) with the hashtags #Tara20Mantra. If you would like to add prayer requests, encouraging words, or other comments, we encourage you to do so at the link.

We will be counting the mantras and updating the totals. The Tara Mandala community will be practicing every day with you. Thank you for your practice and may we accumulate Tara’s energy and healing in relieving this current global situation.

With Blessings, Tara Mandala