Conflict in Israel Palestine Statement

Cornwall Faith Forum (CFF) is very aware of the recent upsurge in violence in Israel Palestine. As an organisation that works for peace this is distressing in many ways, not least because we greatly value both our Muslim and Jewish members equally, together with people from other faiths and none who seek to build, learn and share peace together. The rights and wrongs of the current situation are of course political and complex, although we recognise that religious identities and sensitivities are also pertinent.

However CFF remains a place where tolerance and understanding is developed so any messages or sentiments of hate that may be expressed do not have the support of CFF in any way at all. We know that we do not have ready answers to such long standing issues but by bringing people together, growing positive relationships with each other, and reaching out internationally to other peace groups, we quietly and steadily grow the peace that the world so badly needs.

Cornwall Faith Forum’s Values

We commit ourselves,
as people of many faiths or none, to work together
for the common good,
uniting to build a better society,
grounded in values and ideals we share:

personal integrity and courage,
a sense of right and wrong,
learning, wisdom and love of truth,

care and compassion,
justice and peace,
respect for one another,
for the earth and its creatures.

We commit ourselves,
in a spirit of friendship and co-operation,
to work together
alongside all who share our values and ideals,
to help bring about a better world
now and for generations to come.


Andrew Yates, Chair, Cornwall Faith Forum