G7 and COP26 Prayers

Back in April, the Cornwall Faith Forum participated in the Quaker initiative to join on a walk as part of a journey of awareness, understanding and action ahead of the COP 27 climate talks.  Our walk took place in a secluded area on the outskirts of Truro.  At intervals we heard prayers from the different faiths in relation to creation.

Prior to the G7 Summit coming to Cornwall from 11th – 13th June, the Cornwall Faith Forum have been invited to provide prayers and reflections for the G7 which will be displayed as a reflection in the Truro Cathedral.  The prayers below will be included in the display:


From Ahmadiyya Muslim Commmunity Devon and Cornwall

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Ever Merciful,

We implore Thee, Who art the Source of Peace the Bestower of Security to bestow Peace and Security on all those meeting together in the G7 Summit here in Cornwall.

Oh Allah Who art the Wise, All Aware, All Powerful God bestow wisdom on these powerful leaders and grant them awareness of the means to achieve peace. Enable them to work together successfully to create true Justice and Compassion within and between nations so that each one of us can develop to our full potential and serve our countries well.

Oh Allah Who art the Creator, Self Subsisting and All Sustaining, enable those who lead us to make decisions that will enable us to protect and sustain Thy Creation for our future generations.

Grant us Thy Mercy and Guide us on the right path that we may do those things that please Thee and benefit each other.

Oh Thou Who Created us all, Guide us and help us to know Thee and to Love one another as Thou has commanded.


Quaker Faith and Practice 25.02 – London Yearly Meeting 1988

Our planet is seriously ill and we can feel the pain. We have been reminded of the many ways in which the future health of the earth is under threat as a result of our selfishness, ignorance and greed. Our earth needs attention, respect, love care and prayer.

In comfortable Britain we are largely insulated from the effects of the environmental crisis. It is the poor of the world who suffer first.

As a Religious Society of Friends we see the stewardship of God’s creation as a major concern. The environmental crisis is at root a spiritual and religious crisis; we are called to look again at the real purpose of being on this earth, which is to till it and keep it so as to reveal the glory of God for generations to come.

It is a stony road ahead but our faith will uphold us; the power to act is God’s power, which is mediated through each of us as we give and receive support one from another. We can all listen if we will to the sounds of the earth, tuning into it with joy.


Muslim Faith Prayer

Salam all

May Allah make us all be good people, good neighbours and kind communities.

May Allah guide those who hurt each other in his name and his prophets

May Allah teach us that all faiths have peace as their core

May Allah forgive us for our mistakes and make us first to aid all those in need

May Allah remove all bad virus and diseases from earth

May Allah appreciate his bounties and our good health we take for granted

May Allah bless all those who are needy and allow us to end all wars

May Allah spread his blessings to every person all over the world

May Allah show our scientist the way to clean the earth we have spoilt

May Allah accept our repentance and end famine, droughts and poverty



A Pagan prayer

(each sentence is repeated in Cornish)


The Call to Peace

Let us begin by giving peace to the quarters, for without peace no work can be.


Re bo kres yn kledh

May there be Peace in the North


Re bo kres yn deghow

May there be Peace in the South


Re bo kres yn howlsedhes

May there be Peace in the West

Re bo kres yn howldrevel

May there be Peace in the East


Re bo kres dres oll an norvys

May there be Peace throughout the whole world.



Quotes from the Bible from the Jewish Faith

The Lord of Hosts shall be exalted in justice, The Holy God shows Himself holy in righteousness. (Isaiah 5:16)

It has been told you, O human being, what is good and what the Lord requires of you: only to do justly, love chesed (mercy, kindness), and walk humbly with your God. (Micah 6:8)

Take away from Me the noise of your songs and let Me not hear the melody of your stringed instruments but let justice well up as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream. (Amos 5:23, 24)

If there shall be among you a needy person, one of your brethren, within any of your gates, in your land which the Lord your God gives you, you shall not harden your heart, nor shut your hand from your needy brother; but you shall surely open your hand unto him, and shall surely lend him sufficient for his need in that which he wants. (Deuteronomy 15:7-8)

Also you shall not oppress a stranger, for you know the heart of a stranger, because you were strangers in the land of Egypt. (Exodus 23:9)


 Prayer from Co-lead Chaplain, Devon and Cornwall Police

Dear heavenly father,

I thank you so much for the gifts of cooperation and grace that are promised to each and every one of us.  As the G7 summit approaches I ask that your Holy Spirit will preside over it.  Lord, many important and in some cases world changing issues will be discussed, alliances made, friendships renewed and decisions deliberated.  Issues such as human welfare and the environment will be thought through.  These decisions at their heart are too overwhelming for mere human understanding.  Give all delegates your wisdom to choose and choose wisely.  Finally Lord, I ask for protection, especially for all police officers and police personnel who are giving countless hours to this summit.  Regardless of rain, heat, long days and interactions, they remain steadfast to their role during that week.  I pray provision for them and their families with the assurance of safety and care.

In your precious name Jesus, Amen


From the Baha’i Faith tradition

OThou kind Lord!  Thou hast created all humanity from the same stock.  Thou hast decreed that all shall belong to the same household.  In Thy Holy Presence they are all Thy servants, and all mankind are sheltered beneath Thy Tabernacle; all have gathered together at Thy Table of Bounty; all are illumined through the light of Thy Providence.

O God!  Thou art kind to all, Thou hast provided for all, dost shelter all, conferrest life upon all.  Thou hast endowed each and all with talents and faculties, and all are submerged in the Ocean of Thy Mercy.

O Thou kind Lord!  Unite all.  Let the religions agree and make the nations one, so that they may see each other as one family and the whole earth as one home.  May they all live together in perfect harmony.

O God!  Raise aloft the banner of the oneness of mankind.

O God!  Establish the Most Great Peace.

Cement Thou, O God, the hearts together.

O Thou kind Father, God!  Gladden our hearts through the fragrance of Thy love.  Brighten our eyes through the Light of Thy Guidance.  Delight our ears with the melody of Thy Word, and shelter us all in the Stronghold of Thy Providence.

Thou art the Mighty and Powerful, Thou art the Forgiving and Thou art the One Who overlooketh the shortcomings of all mankind.