Interfaith Week 14th – 21st November – Interfaith Week Buddies

Cornwall Faith Forum (CFF) is inviting you to take part in an Inter Faith Buddies scheme.    Last year the CFF took part in the scheme and felt as it was so excellent we would run it again this year.

Hear what Jeremy Jacobson from the Jewish Faith Community says about last year:

“What on earth – or should it be ‘in earth’, or ‘in the sea’ or ‘the sky’ – is a pagan?” I asked myself when agreeing to buddy up with Eve Salthouse.  I knew about the ancient pagans of Greece and Rome, Egypt and, closer to home, of Britain and Britanny, but I had very little understanding of modern day pagans.  I was in for a revelation. Meeting up with Eve via Zoom for an hour or so turned out to be most enjoyable.  I plied her with questions and she did the same for me as we exchanged information about our respective faiths.  What struck me most was that, despite significant differences between Judaism and Paganism, the latter also embodied a moral code which has a major influence on how pagans treat other human beings and, less surprisingly for me at least, the natural world.  There are, of course, still things I don’t know or understand, but our conversation left me both enlightened and interested in learning more.  And, oh yes, did I mention that it was also a great pleasure to get to know a fellow member of the Cornwall Faith Forum? The whole experience left me with a warm feeling of shared humanity. Try it for yourself!”

The scheme involves two people of different faiths holding a conversation to share their thoughts on topics such as:

  • How does your faith shape your daily life?
  • What, in your faith encourages service to others in society?
  • Or on anything else that you might want to share experiences

This is an opportunity for sharing and learning, on a one-to-one basis, by any means you like across a limited period of time, about what is important to us, in the context of our wider community. The process may, of course, lead to longer term conversations and new forms of practical co-operation.

If you are interested in taking part please send an email to with your name, and your Faith tradition and we will pair you up with a member of a different faith community within Cornwall.  You may wish to state if there any particular faith or belief background or backgrounds from which you be would be interested to have an ‘Inter Faith Week buddy’ from.  We will try and match you up but we cannot guarantee this.

For more information please click Inter Faith Week buddies 2021

Further information also from Rita Stephen