Tree Planting during COP26 at the Dor Kemmyn Peace Field – Saturday 6th November at 2.00 pm

Members of Cornwall Faith Forum gathered together for the planting of more faith trees at the  Peace Field at Penmount including one on behalf of the Christian Community.  The tree is a native Hawthorn and chosen because of the association with the crown of thorns of Jesus and the white flowers in the Spring celebrating His resurrection.

Kathy Pope, one of the Churches Together in Cornwall reps on the Faith Forum, and Malcolm Bowers, are pictured reading a Tree Planting Prayer in honour of Laudato Si:

God of Wonder, as we gather together to bless the earth and celebrate the potential of the tree before us, we pray that it may serve as a living witness to our commitment to heal our common home through long-lasting, bold changes.

Grant us the courage to continue to take this stand for the sake of the goodness of your creation, and the inspiration and delight it provides us. Through Christ, your Son, our Lord


Also a Hindu Tree was planted as part of the celebration of Diwali.  It was a native small leaved Lime Tree with lovely radiant red bark in the winter and scented white flowers in the spring. It is a very tasty tree and had to be well protected from the deer.

The reading was in Sanskrit which was wonderful to hear.  The translation is as follows:

Lord Siva’s favourite tree is Lime tree.By having the Lime tree, Lord Siva is pleased and bestowed the power to this tree.

By merely visiting this tree one gains good fortune.

By touching the leaves and tree ones sins will be taken away.

As part of the gathering, prayers were said for the COP 26 conference and for success in the talks in Glasgow in Climate Change.