Weekly Thursday Noon Prayers – 28th May 2020

Cornwall Faith Forum sends love, peace and strength to everyone in Cornwall.

Eid Mubarak (Eid Greetings) for everyone who has celebrating Eid at home over the last few days.

The following message was kindly sent to us by Cornwall Faith Forum’s friend, Muna.

“We are delighted to offer our ‘Eid-u-Fitr’ greetings to our friends in our interfaith group.  “Eid Mubark”.  Peace and happiness be on everyone.

As you would probably know that we have just completed ‘Rmadhan’, the month of fasting. Now, with sighting the new moon we are celebrating Eid on Sunday. This year it has been a real challenge for all Muslims due to Corona virus lockdown to maintain religious rituals properly.  Daily prayers at the mosque weren’t possible.  However, in our Ahmadiyya community, we have been blessed to have number of activities for men women and children to participate via the internet.  With the Grace of Almighty God, even while keeping our fasts, as a community, we have managed to do a lot of charitable work for NHS and within our neighbourhood.

At the end of fasting month, we are now celebrating Eid within our own homes.  We hope and pray that this pandemic draws to a close, so that we could meet again then share special Eid sweets all of you.”

With prayers and best wishes

Mamoona  Ahmad

(On behalf of Ahmadiyya Muslim group)